Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Steven HIXON (Larceny Over $1200)(Stolen Bicycle)

The following narrative is a supplemental report regarding my involvement in incident # 20031689.
I Officer Prophete was working my assigned 8 AM-4 PM shift. I was tasked with investigating stolen bicycle. I conducted a follow up with the victim Mr. XXXX who informed me someone stole his bike which was locked at the bike rack in the courtyard of his apartment complex. Mr. XXXX stated there are no cameras where his bike was locked but he did see the person ride off with his bike. I conducted a neighborhood canvas and was unable to locate any cameras.
On 7/6/2020 Mr. XXXX informed officers that he found his bicycle on the Facebook market place and on Offerup. Mr. XXXX set up a meeting with the seller on 7/6/20 at approximately 1630 hr to buy his bike back. Mr. XXXX has proved me with photos of his bicycle and the serial number #Gu422023. Mr. XXXX also provided me with the insurance claim settlement report.

On 7/7/2020 at approximately 1515 hr Mr. Mr. XXXX contacted me stating the seller “Thatlife Neves” from Facebook Market had contacted him about his bike and wanted to meet at 1530 hrs in Union Square Somerville in front of the Gracies to sell him the bicycle. Approved by Sgt Perrone I, D3 Detective S. Jones, D22 J. Costa, D20 C. Goncalves and East 2 R. Isaacs set up around the Square and waited until the seller showed up. At approximately 1650 hr a male and female party arrived with the stolen bike. Officers approached both Parties. The female was identified XXXX.The male refused to Identify himself. The male party stated he purchased the bike of an unknown person for $200 and was trying to make some money by selling it for $1000. Officers checked the Serial number on the bike and it matched Mr. XXXX information. The male party was placed in custody and brought back to the Somerville Police Station where we able to identify him Steven Hixion. The bicycle was returned to its owner.

Photos attached to report. I will be seeking a criminal complaint in Somerville District Court.

Respectfully submitted,
Officer Frandiane Prophete #332
Somerville Police Department

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  1. Think this same guy and sister were wanted for a home invasion and stabbing on Mission Hill 4 years ago…

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