Donato Announces House Passage of $1billion Supplemental Budget


Relief measure provides key stimulus funding to address budgetary shortfalls and assist individuals, families, and businesses hardest hit by COVID-19 Pandemic
State Representative Paul Donato, (D-Medford) as the Second Assistant Majority Leader, has guided the Massachusetts House of Representatives through unparalleled times during the COVID-19 health pandemic. The House has responded by continuing to advance vital health, economic, and family stimulus measures through the legislative process. In the last week of June, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a $1 billion supplemental budget to address pressing economic shortfalls that continue during the ongoing pandemic. The bill awaits final approval in the Senate, and by the Governor.
“These unsettled times demand swift relief measures on the part of state government, and I am pleased my colleagues and I were able to expeditiously advance this vital funding appropriation forward. These resources will serve to scaffold and support beleaguered individuals, families, and small businesses as they continue to weather this ongoing public health crisis,” said Donato.
Donato, who represents Medford and Malden in the 35th House Middlesex District, has regularly chaired most formal and informal sessions, but with an unprecedented health crisis, we’re in, “uncharted territory,” noted State Representative Steve Ultrino, (D-Malden). Ultrino lauded Donato’s “knowledge of the rules and his ability to work with all members during these trying times.” Fellow Representative Sean Garballey, (D-Arlington) praised Donato’s handling, remarking that “never before has institutional knowledge and a steady hand at the helm been more important. Leader Donato, is up there on the rostrum time and time again, making sure that we pass legislation that’s going to help get the Commonwealth and her people through this pandemic together.”
Donato highlighted funds specifically earmarked for Medford and Malden that he worked to include in the recent legislation passed by the House:
Allocating $450,000 in funds for Medford’s personal protection equipment (PPE) and remote learning infrastructure.· Directs $75,000 for additional school nursing staff for the City of Malden.
· Designates $25,000 for language translation services for Malden.
· Provides $25,000 for materials in Malden public schools affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Your government will continue to meet the challenge of COVID-19 head on; and I will always work collaboratively, with all stakeholders, to serve the people of Medford and Malden to the very best of my ability. Together, we will get through this, I have no doubt of that,” remarked Donato.

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