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By Bob Katzen

Sen. Eric Lesser (D-Longmeadow) and Rep. Jon Santiago (D-Boston) of Boston have filed legislation creating a commission that would review the Bay State’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak and make recommendations on how Massachusetts can better prepare in the future.

“As we gain more insight into the spread of the Coronavirus outbreak and its impacts on Massachusetts, it is vital that we establish a dedicated nonpartisan commission to evaluate the response to the crisis and ensure future preparedness,” said Sen. Lesser. “The unprecedented nature of COVID-19 has upended our way of life and has revealed pre-existing inequities in our system that needs to be evaluated and improved upon, especially as the threat of resurgence lingers.”

“Ensuring that we fully understand our response to COVID-19 is critical, particularly as we prepare for a potential second surge,” said Rep. Santiago. “The commonwealth deserves a thorough, deliberate and reflective inquiry of the actions taken to date. We owe it to the countless number of families who lost loved ones and to the many healthcare and essential workers who continue to risk their lives.”

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