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Happy Birthday to a number of Villens celebrating their birthdays this week in the Ville and around the Square! Happy Birthday to Cindy Hickey, Mayor Gene Brune, Lucia Jorge, Mary Sullivan, Steve Simard, Mama DiRusso, Kimberly Haines, Jason Brewer, Daniela Nagel, Gayle Baldasaro, Mrs. Clifford, Arete Pascucci, David Deveney, Lois O’Brien, Lance Covert, William Tauro, Mike Cirella, Frederick Federico, Mark Verderber, Jeff Whalen, Carol Parrella, Chris Coughlin, Karen Nooch Egidio, Robert Wallace, Bill Harland, Joe Spinosa, Tim O’Malley, John Aube, Mark Healey, Paul Kouroyen, Linda Tabbi-Dunn, Charles Zammuto, Mary Walker, Laura A Frisoli, Ronnie White Jr., Monica Deleon, Maria TK, Dan Strange, Kristen Ross, Daniel Sullivan, Ed Byrne, John Monte, John Stamatakis, Bill Slason, Robert Bent, Frank Augello, J Rod, Michael Terrio, Michean Seumas, Joseph Szulewski, Margaret Power, Dom DeVito, Mary Lorden, Denise Baker, Ryan Rucki, James Burdulis, Tony Scaparotti, Joan Spartichino, Anthony DePinto, Charlie Zammuto and Happy 4th Birthday to Angelina Miele

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Processed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIV

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