By Bob Katzen
The Senate 10-29, rejected an amendment that would require absentee ballots only be processed during the normal hours of operation of the city or town hall and that a member of the board of registrars in the city or town representing the two leading political parties be notified about the time and location of the processing and be permitted to observe.

“The purpose of this amendment is to create more safeguards around the expansion of absentee voting and the processing of absentee ballots during this election cycle,” said the amendment’s sponsor Sen. Ryan Fattman (R-Sutton). “I believe that it is necessary to add these layers of additional protection to minimize the risk of fraud and abuse with election ballots.”

“I respect and understand what Sen. Fattman was trying to do with this amendment,” said Sen. Finegold. “Unfortunately, it is too prescriptive for what we are trying to do with this legislation. We’ve spoken with Secretary Galvin and are confident that his regulations will provide an opportunity for public observation.”

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