Phase Two a Disappointment


By Arthur Moore

Phase two leaves much thinking by the state that was left out. Outside seating as appealing to some as it may be leaves much of the restaurants out of luck. Never mind other businesses that also could open to a degree and start working on the losses. If a tiny bit of common sense was used in this decision we could have been so much better off.

Restaurants who are large enough could certainly spaced the customers enough to get many in. Also the use of temporary partitions could also get more customers in and would be a godsend for the small places. If it is already working well for hairdressers then it is really a no brainer. Also there may be other businesses that could work off this model.

Like many not only would I like to go to a sit down restaurant even more I would like for them to survive this along with the great help they have that I have gotten to enjoy. We need to get things going as quickly and as safely as possible if we ever have a chance to survive this economy. Holding back for no reason is not the way to go. The businesses will gladly work with the procedures needed to operate safely as they are beyond desperate.

Like many that are not employed they can only hold out for so long. Let’s get real here. It’s not like they are going to do a lot of dangerous stuff because they don’t have written orders. They are people too. And they are not stupid like you treat them.

Spend a little less time pandering to the media over and over again every day and work on the problems here. I do not know if opening or not is what we should do as I am not an expert in this but if you are be fair and use common sense. And if I had a restaurant I can guarantee you I would open the doors providing safety measures that we are using today. Same as the gym owner. He did the right thing and following safety measures it was never going to be a problem. You didn’t give him the credit he serves. I applaud him. Now start working for the people of this state and treat them like human beings. Don’t be lagging behind at the end like the mayor of Somerville, we need to get going NOW!

2 thoughts on “Phase Two a Disappointment”

  1. The businessmen in Somerville need to stand up against the bug eyed media grabber. He is killing the small businesses throughout the city. Elderly and persons with disabilities cannot park in most commercial areas to shop.

    The fees they tack on local businesses are higher than most of the surrounding communities. The challenges for service type businesses are ridiculous, especially the smaller ones.

    Just go to market basket not many shoppers are following the direction of the isles. People just enter as they please. Workers and customers are not wearing their masks properly

    Sadly In excess of sixty percent of those that passed away during the past few months were in a Veterans facilities, Nursing homes, Assisted living or rehab. When you sift through most of the other percentiles many had underlying medical issues and some just could not fight it off.

    Moving forward is common sense protect yourself and others. if you feel sick or have been sick you stay away from public venues and vulnerable people. You get tested and quarantine as needed. There is no clear evidence how many people have it or have had it. Until true specific testing is found there is no real answer.

    Its unfortunate that the city continues to test people who are not ill just to show the numbers.

    Everything is only good as the people let the people rise and get back to normalcy. The city allows protests and pride rallys but residents cannot go out to dinner, movies, shop, or park in the squares.

    Enough Mayor Bullshit stop the nonsense its time for Somerville to open up.

    1. If the information I have is correct the testing is too inaccurate anyway. Some people get tested as many as three times to get a positive reading. So why even bother? Considering the current situation I am more apt to agree to open up and ask the businesses to utilize as much safety measures as possible. And yes, we definitely need to take back our city. The complete lack of any common sense is too much to bear. Before we have nothing left. Maybe we should take away their paycheck so they can get some feeling of what it is like. And if any restaurant wants to open on their own I will be happy to go and support them. Even if it is just to stand for them outside.

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