Somerville, The Good Ol Days Playing Dodge Ball


By Arthur Moore

We have upgraded the game since then. The students of games has started a new one called shared streets. The is where we put moveable posts in the middle if the street complete with sign and saw horse signs.  You drive down Jacques Street to be met with these and you drive around them if you can. Since they are moved frequently you just never know where they are going to be next. Sometimes there are none in the street, sometimes 4 or 5. So you just never know. And the best part is now many cars go up the wrong way on Fenwick now a lot since Monday when this started. This is so cool to have a nice game like this in the middle of the street. But I am nostalgic, I still like the old version in the school yard.


2 thoughts on “Somerville, The Good Ol Days Playing Dodge Ball”

  1. Well now that traffic is returning quickly to Winter Hill and we are actually getting backups again these signs in the middle of the road keep getting pushed aside. Then they magically come back. I think the signs should be put aside as they would make good space markers for the upcoming Winter. But this venture is making zero progress.

  2. They are protecting the people by telling them its safe to be in the street. Just wait until the SPD is chasing one of the gun touting vehicles go tearing down that street.

    Absolute no common sense I probably see five bikes a week around that area. Its just the citys way to try to eliminate motor vehicles

    Not good in the hood.

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