Is Competency Testing for Mayors an Option?

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By Arthur Moore

It appears this may just be the time for this. Defying state and country guidelines in this devastating time of the virus for no reason is certainly a big reason we should be considering this test. But killing off the small business sector just defies all logic and common sense.

Maybe we need to start a go fund me so we can finance a competency test which may be badly needed. Certainly any normal person would not sabotage so many people’s livelihoods in such an unmerciful way. When you take away the parking that a business needs like Winter Hill, Highland Ave and Union Square and others not mentioned is not something you do to keep the economy moving.

This is not about a car and bike fight, it is about the fact that these businesses are essential to our city. At this time the car is essential to keep these businesses alive. Otherwise we will end up being just a big dormitory.

Surely people must notice this by now. And to be able to do it without the consent of the people and to be so arrogant as not to listen and solve the problem but to just ignore it. This is supposed to be a government by the people for the people. Something is terribly wrong here and we need to fix this before it is too late.

Why should the elderly and disabled not be able go to these businesses anymore? Is it that nobody on city hall is aware that some people are physically challenged? This is a city and has been for a long time. Plow it under and convert it back to farm land if you don’t want anything here or people to live.

Many of us have worked hard and long for our little piece of earth, not to have it taken away by some sort of dictator. We struggled here and those of us who have been here for many long years would like to live out our life here. Moving was not on the agenda.

Is their nobody at city hall that will stand up and start the process of getting this man some help? Or stop him before any more damage is done? NOW is the time!

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