Somerville’s Changing Dynamics and Future Up For Grabs To Highest Bidders

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By William Tauro

Since this pandemic hit us in March, the City of Somerville has lost a great amount of anticipated revenue on building permits alone that Mayor Curtatone was banking on to fuel  his taxpayer funded out of control spending spree.

The City of Somerville’s revenue shortfall is in the millions of dollars since March 1st that is estimated to range over $20,000,000.00 to be exact that Mayor Curtatone was banking on.

Now to make things worst, he’s eliminating parking spaces across the city which will cause a perilous death for the Somerville business owner. What makes it even more asinine is that he’s taking away the parking spaces not only for bus/bike lanes, but for extra walking spaces. What’s the matter with sidewalks, aren’t big enough where they’ve been working fine for around a hundred years or so where they’ve worked out all right?

E4D0C780-F972-4942-BD82-30AA1C470929Just take a look at Somerville Avenue, they have dug up the streets four times in the same spot to be exact. Whatever happened to the old saying measure twice and cut once? It sort of reminds me of the old song by The Commodores “Once, Twice Three Times a Lady.” But in this case the song should be titled “Once, Twice Four Times a Looser!”

The bottom line here is that somebody is losing money (Somerville business owners) and someone is definitely making money (Developers Et al) and believe me developers don’t work for free.

For once I was very proud of the new Somerville City Council. While I was observing a Somerville City Council Zoom meeting this past week, we all watched the president of the city council, Matt McLaughlin telling it like it is with his now new famed comment “ Systematic corruption starts from the top down.” Way to go Mr President, it’s about time the council opened up their eyes and grew a set!

President McLaughlin was referring to problems that have been occurring for a long time and that he stated the he “believes all the corruption theories” in regards to the infamous Inspectional Services Department’s (ISD)dealings throughout the years.

Could this be the beginning of the next big staged property grab for corrupt politicians and their favored developers to make a killing on in Somerville? Developers are in it to win it, and definitely not in it to lose it. Everything is done and happens for a reason and if you know about some of our infamous elected officials track records and past dealings up at Somerville City Hall, well you know what’s about to take place next.

This story is still developing…
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