The End of Somerville As A City

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By Arthur Moore

After reading Mr. Tauro’s article on Union Square I wanted to address the problems. After my long experiences with Winter Hill I Know first hand that it is out of the hands of the people here. The city council has no bearing in this. They have no power over this. It was taken away from them a long time ago and the only way they have any say is to change the charter. As for members to even speak up, the only one who would just left, so we do not even get that.

To change this would require the mayor or maybe Brad Rawson. Brad Rawson does things based on the fact that this is what you want is useless. If you try to complain you may get to speak to Adam there but that is about it. The Somerville ADA spoke out on behalf of Winter Hill and the mayor obviously did not listen to that either.

I have a petition for Winter Hill with over 2000 signatures. Don’t matter, Ignored. Key word is ignored. This is where it goes from here. The hair dresser on Winter Hill with no parking left Union Square for that reason. And now right back in the same boat. I have learned from this that the city does not want small business, people with ADA disabilities, people that are not able bodied. Your best bet is to pack up and leave as it is so obvious that is what they want. And those love flags for small business, that is their sick sense of humor towards you.

This is being done in other cities, one city with a longer stretch of road had 60 businesses fold up. Yet it is a success. What does that say? There is only two courses of action and will require people working together as a unit. At least to my knowledge. You either have to vote him out or impeach. My observations after being so involved is that the main thing to accomplish here is a land grab. There is no possible explanation otherwise.

To personally wage a war on small business and drive many people to leave here has left no doubt that this is not a city anymore when things are run and controlled by just one person. This brings it to a monarchy. Plain and simple. And another thing, during the virus reopening the things he did to stall it got him lots of press. You didn’t see a while bunch of other mayors trying to hurt small business. Mostly this one.

Understand that for most to have a small business today it costs lots. People normally have to borrow and cash in things they may have and borrow from friends and relatives to make ago of this. It usually takes five years to get to the point of making money. And for those that do not own a small business I can tell you that many do not make what you think they do.

Some work on a very small margin, a loss of 10% means they close the doors. And to do this now gives them no hope to recover from the virus at all. While this is going on they are not only not taking home a paycheck, they still have the costs of the business in addition to their personal life. Open your eyes! Next is a name change and I am sure you will not like that.

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