Stop Grandstanding and Get Down to Business!


By Arthur Moore

We are beginning to open this state back up. Good idea or bad? I am not expert enough to know the answer. Time will tell. But since we are now in phase one of the states reopening it only makes sense to go along with it. By not doing this it will only show that it is being used for publicity. Nothing more. The fact is that anyone who wishes to use what will now be available to them will only have to go to another city. So it is a nothing move. I understand businesses want to get up and running before they lose it altogether but why should it just be the ones in Somerville? This makes no sense at all. The logical thing to do is open up as per the states phase one program. Businesses will go by the rules as they do now want any problems. Also expect they will do less business not only because of the rules but those who will chose to stay away. This is the time to stand up and make sure the rules are followed and watch for any problems that may occur. If this works or does not we need to know asap so the decision can be made to scrap it or move to the next phase. But let’s understand one thing. Kicking the small businessman while he is down is not the right thing to do. This is the right time to stand up and do the right thing. We need to do what is right, not what we want. Now is the time to treat our small business with the respect they deserve. Not the way they have been treated. Many of us have given up much and will continue to do so to make things as safe as possible. The taxpayers are helping each other while the city is NOT. We have many changes coming about so we all need to work together now more than any other time. So many losses are happening to people because of this. And it is not going to get better for some very soon. Unlike our elected officials there will be many that will not be getting paychecks. Never mind businesses that not only do not get paychecks but have the extra expense of the business. They get screwed double. Also, some businesses may not even reopen if they do not feel safe to do so. In other states that also is happening.

3 thoughts on “Stop Grandstanding and Get Down to Business!”

  1. Arthur it is time business owners and residents stand up to the Mayor and his total disregard for logic and input.
    When businesses do begin opening who is enforcing the standards set by the City, State and Feds?

    The businesses that have been currently operating all vary how they handle things. Some have single service where one person collects payment and someone else makes and gives you your food.
    Where another wears gloves and a mask handles your money and provides you your food.

    This does not make sense but that is what to expect inconsistencies along with a lack of oversight.

    The city itself has employees working staggered hours and a shorter work weeks but brings a large crew in on a Saturday on overtime ?

    If they begin closing more streets as a way to implement streets without vehicle access or parking people should boycott that areas businesses.

    The North End restaurants stood up to smarty Marty and he is caving In as a result. The power is in the people who stand up for what is right and fair not the unfair overpowering egotistical politicians.

    1. I hear you, most of us understand. But we are working against a mayor who only does what he wants when he wants and no one else’s opinion matters right or wrong. You can’t get anywhere with him as he and the council and others that work with him just go into ignore mode. There is no reasoning and no getting him to cave in. He is right, end of discussion. This city has become so much like a monarchy. The people here have no say as the taxpayers. The government by the people for the people is thrown under the bus. And this being Memorial weekend those who dies for our rights would be so disappointed to see what was made of their sacrifices to us. And the fear of retaliation is so great here of this mayor.

  2. Now that they have gone for an opening date for some services June 1st the big question is are they still going to leave up the unused protected bike lane on Broadway so the businesses there will have less of a chance to survive even if they can open? The city has to know full well that many elderly and ada people need to drive there and cannot walk far enough to go there unless they drive or are dropped off there. It is the least the city can do for these people after how they have crippled their business for almost a year now. Have a heart, give them some chance of survival. We need to be working together now, not screwing the other guy when he is down. The city has tortured these businesses enough now. Please start working for the taxpayers of this city!

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