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Processed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIVHappy Birthday to a number of Villens celebrating their birthdays this week in the Ville and around the Square! Happy Birthday to Maureen Higgins, Marylou Costante, Candace Lillis, Alma Wahlberg, Meghan Russell, Ashley Dellanno Keleher, Michele Merrell, Khloe Camblin, Monica Sheridan, Fatima Ramos, Olga Martinez, Lauren Crowley, Justin Crowley, Jeanne Thompson, Michelle Angiulo Bowler, Kristin Ann, Joseph Dussalt, Billy Korecki, Ed Palazzolo, Gayle A Snow, Jan Dodge Jonsson, Patricia Barson, David Anny-Barnes, Kristi Palmisano, Tina Ramsey Cosentino, Joanne DiLorenzo, Tom DeBenedictis, David Campbell, Stephanie Chute, Donald Ducky Down, Melissa Hurley, Steve Drugas, Sharon Whittier, Lisa Saverse-Maille, Paul Ciccolo, Beth Foley Delacruz, Roberta Dion, Leigh Marchand, Paul Yip, April Killoren, Jason Edmonds, Joseph Baldasaro, Diana Dicenzo, Kathleen Goodwin, Tatou Hilaire, Happy 22nd Birthday to Raquel Anne Oppedisano, Happy 15 th Birthday to Olivia Grace, Happy 90th Birthday to Mr Cabral, Happy 98th Birthday to Mrs Catherine and a Happy 3rd Birthday to Lorenzo

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