National Correctional Officers & Employees Week



This is a special week in the field of corrections. National Correctional Officers and Employees Week is normally our time to celebrate the accomplishments of our colleagues and remember those who have passed on. As you can imagine, this CO Week has been particularly difficult as precautions from COVID-19 prevent us from gathering together and acknowledging the vital work of corrections.

Many staff at the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office have taken this time to give back in ways big and small. There is no greater proof of the selflessness of correctional employees than the fact that during a week about them, they choose to make it about others.

Some of our staff have decided to make a most special contribution. A few of our employees who have recovered from COVID-19 decided to donate their blood plasma to help treat those still fighting the virus. The antibodies in their blood plasma can help treat patients with severe symptoms and spark promising research into potential vaccines. It’s an incredible gift, intended for those they may never meet.

I encourage you to tune in to Fox 25’s broadcast today to hear from one of our donors about their experience, and how you can contribute if you have recovered from COVID-19. You can also view my thoughts on the dedication of our corrections professionals in this Thursday’s Lowell Sun.

Thank you as always for your support of these brave men and women. They truly represent the best of public service, and I am proud to call myself their Sheriff and yours.


Paid for by the Koutoujian Committee, Barbara Foley, Treasurer.
The Koutoujian Committee
c/o 293 Ash Street
Waltham MA 02453 United States

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