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Happy Birthday to a number of Villens celebrating their birthdays this week in the Ville and around the Square! Happy Birthday to Rob May, Alex Ruiz, Ken Foley, Susan Cranfill, Linda Rock Coutoumas, Leah Trasher, Larry Rogers, Paul Anderson, Jean Carozza Poole, John Diaz, Steve Pascucci, Kathy Webber, Virginia Hussey, Charlie Femino, Darlene Gorman, Melissa Cap, Annemarie Rooney, Libby Fulgione, Stephanie Muccini Burke, Mark Moss, Ron Tauro, Lorraine StThomas, John McCormack, Daniel Lowney, Brian Gillis, Darlene Gorman, Michael Silvio, Katjana Ballantyne, Charles Sillari, John DiMille, Dennis Hodgdon, David Mokal, Dawn Squires, Buddy Cormier, Ed Terrell, Nicole Farrell, Kaitlyn Cargill, Marco Tulio, Anthony Kuma, Susan Moniz, Jeff Mccarthy, Joanne Veneziano Finnegan, H. Robert Huke, Robert Finos, Chris Houghton, Bryan Bishop, Nathalia Storch Braga, Happy 8th Birthday to Caleb James and Happy 11th Birthday to Xavier Rodgers

Processed with MOLDIV
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