Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line:Some Cops Don’t Have to Pay for Gas nor Worry About a Car Payment


Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

Hi bill I was hoping you could help me with an disgusting act that Chief Fallon has allowed fellow coworkers to do since he’s been Chief. The majority of us as you well know are the officers everyone sees on the street daily in marked cruisers that respond to calls and patrol the streets. Unfortunately with all covid 19 crisis “we” have to work.

For the past few years I’ve seen the dozen or so of Chief Fallon’s army of people he likes have there own take home unmarked cruisers and some even have rental cars that are suppose to be used for undercover work. It’s bad enough that they are allowed to take the cars home for their personal use but they also show up on days off to do details while the rest of us use our own vehicles.

Some of also have lost a 2nd income caused by the covid 19 crisis and to see co workers benefit from not having to pay for gas or worry about a car payment since the city in this stressful financial crisis is paying this.
Bill could you please reach out to the council and get an answer for the working few that have had enough.

Some of us are frightened to speak up since we are new to the job but enough is enough. Morale is bad enough but this has to stop.

Please have alderman ask for expense on gas and rentals.

Thank you,
Just an officer doing my job.

3 thoughts on “Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line:Some Cops Don’t Have to Pay for Gas nor Worry About a Car Payment”

  1. Don’t expect this to happen here. We do not have council members anymore that work for the taxpayers of this city. We did have one but she is leaving. The rest are there to ignore what problems you throw at them.

    1. Don’t be so sure. Every one of them are guilty by negligence or outright involvement to destroy our working class city. Those who remain are his enablers. The banner over city hall should read, “DIVIDE AND CONQUER”. This maniac promotes divisions within our community. Every city worker, contractor, business owner, landlord, renter and retiree. Now he’s using this crisis to benefit financially while the ongoing lawsuits by the number of damages inflicted upon business and homeowners has strained the taxpayers indefinitely. Of course, this latest is no surprise. This is done by other insecure, ego maniacs throughout this area, but he is one of the worst. The good cops should watch their back. It’s an old story. It’s amazing this city gets anything done. Oh, wait! They don’t. It’s run on a wing and prayer. Hopefully the US Attorney’s office is here to stay. Long overdue for a thorough clean up, top to bottom. Will there be anymore hacks jumping ship? Great timing.

  2. Like we have council members that would do this. They no longer work for the people so guess who they really work for? Outside of the one that is leaving who actually cared. Expect the usual ignore it response.

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