Keeping work going with the virus situation


By Arthur Moore

This virus thing is causing so many problems here. Some of us are just trying to figure out how to hold on to what little we have to get by. Many won’t have enough to accomplish that. That’s just the reality of what this has turned into. How far can we go without jeopardizing the lives of other people and those around us whom we care about? I know that we will do most anything we have to in order to survive. We have family to take care of. I grew up with the fact that they came first above everything. Above anything I wanted, they were first. I think we really need to focus on our ingenuity at this time and find solutions no matter how simple and start putting them to work. I know I have more questions than answer myself. I know the big thing is to follow all the stupid rules that we don’t want to so the hospitals won’t get swamped with people they can’t treat and to keep our loved ones safe. I also wonder if there are ways that the businesses that are closed can reinvent a way to open back up in the middle of this. Maybe there is a way a hairdresser depending on the layout of their place can have one or two customers safely. Maybe having others stay in their car until their turn. I am only using this as an example. My thought is the more people we can keep working it will lessen the disaster. If construction on a job can be done with people six feet apart safely I would think that works. If a business owner can just make enough to survive this and not have to throw in the towel it is a huge plus towards getting things going again once that time comes. There has to be more ways to lessen the lost here. America is number one, let’s prove it.


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