Winter Hill surviving the virus

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By Arthur Moore

This is not the top thing in our worries at this time. But maybe it is a good time to take advantage of the slowdown. We have that unused bike lane still hampering Winter Hill. It would be a great time to send out a one man team to get those posts removed. We already know how bad it has been for the businesses there and people with ADA problems. Restoring the road so customers can go back to these businesses that have been subject to loss revenue from these useless posts should now have to face this if they can even return to their business after what the city has done since last year to put them out of business. And people with ADA problems would like to be able to get in and out of their apartments legally and without hardship. Outside of the Somerville ADA no one cares about this. The rest of the elected officials are in ignoring mode as they have been except for one from the start of this. We can’t save all the businesses from this but these people deserve a chance after all they have been through. They had no idea their parking was going to be taken once they opened up their businesses. Let’s give them a fighting chance!

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