Somerville News Weekly Speakup Line:SHS Construction Still at It 10:00AM 3/30/2020


Dear Billy T and Somerville News Weekly Speakup Line,

Still working on the High School. Pictures taken at 10am today Monday March 30th.

Flatten the curve in Somerville my ass Just saying

4 thoughts on “Somerville News Weekly Speakup Line:SHS Construction Still at It 10:00AM 3/30/2020”

  1. Being an elected city council member in this day and age means a great paying part time job having to go to a meeting once in a while and learning how to ignore the people that elected you. We had one that actually worked and cared but is leaving now. Now we are back to zero. Look around, you see them a little before election now try to find them. And that is not because of the virus we can’t find them. They could never work on a real job like this, they would have been long gone.

  2. Its do as I say not as I do. Just drive around and you will see certain projects are running at full strength. The SHS site, West library and certain street projects.

    Look at private contractors and they are off and running where in Gods name is the Cities elected officials likely staying home avoiding any contact with everyone.

    Not a bad deal for 40,000.00 a year with benefits. We can only hope that Bernie feels the burn and eventually this whole crowd will be gone along with Mayor Bullshit.

    Hopefully C19 was the last year elected.

  3. Shame on the City they shut down all these smaller construction projects which is causing a financial burden on them. Those good contractors that play by the rules.

    Where is the across the board fairness there are numerous streets that have contractors working in full force without anyone checking on them or stopping the work.

    The SHS project should not be operating during this covid 19 shutdown. I am in shock the unions advertise safety first that is not a priority today.

    You can rest assure the lame duck administration will make the lost money up when street sweeping starts resumes.

    The little guys get screwed again.

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