Why Is South Middlesex Registry of Deeds The Only Registry Not Recording Electronically During Crisis?

24C0F908-5198-48BE-9700-4EA98C053368By William Tauro

Why is it that out of twenty Massachusetts Registry of Deeds in the state, that the South Middlesex Registry of Deeds in Cambridge is the only registry of deeds not recording electronically during this pandemic crisis?

We totally understand that no physical recordings can be done during this time of crisis, but electronically filed recording should be an option and made available to the taxpayers of Massachusetts.

As you can notice in the first American title document above that the South Middlesex Registry in Cambridge is the only one listed in red in the right-side column.

Attorneys that need to record crucial documents for their clients that are time sensitive have to halt what they’re doing until the registry opens up again in possibly in two-three weeks  or even a month’s timeframe because of the pandemic closures due to the Coronavirus.  

Register of Deeds Registrar Maria Curtatone did not return any of our calls nor could her or her staff be reached for comment.
As of 12:00 noon on Monday, the first document was filed electronically after our complaints were made.

This story is still developing…

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