Message From The New Somerville City Councilor at Large Kristen Strezo


City Councilor Stephanie Hirsch has announced that she will be stepping down from her role as City Councilor at Large. I am grateful for her hard work and commitment to Somerville and wish her the best as she moves on into her next role.

As the 5th largest vote earner, I am thrilled to honor your past support as I step up to serve in Councilor Hirsch’s place. I am, as ever, wholeheartedly devoted to making sure you’re living your best life here. And while a goal that big is truly a community effort, as your City Councilor, I assure you that I will give you my all to make it happen.

I’ve listened to your priorities this past year and they included sustaining and building an affordable Somerville, a greener city and safely enhancing our many modes of transportation like walking, biking and public transit. I am committed to, and believe in, all of these values. Your priorities are my priorities.

Over the next several weeks, I am working to make this transition as seamless as possible. I am in the process of compiling and studying past agendas and diving in deeper into our most pressing issues like COVID-19 preparedness and response. If you’d like, please share any insights you may have on the topics that each committee is discussing. Your voice matters to me.

The city will be issuing me an official email address that I will send out in my next update. If you’d like to contact me immediately, the best way is

I look forward to collaborating with you in this lovely city of ours.

Respectfully yours,
Kristen Strezo

[photo of City Councilor at Large Kristen Strezo and her family]

4 thoughts on “Message From The New Somerville City Councilor at Large Kristen Strezo”

  1. I thought we were saved when she didn’t get in. Then to lose the one person on the board that was at least trying to help the people of Somerville is a great loss. Now the people have no one working for THEM. I had hopes Stephanie may want to go for mayor one day. I don’t want to send them walking. Jail!

  2. Arthur it is likely that she new she did not have your vote from the start of her campaign. She is another wing nut and part of the woman’s movement and a friend of the Mayors.

    They were the only two candidate’s that had access to the new city at Assembly. Two years comes fast once Joe burns Bernie things will change.

    Again nothing will be accomplished but screwing the taxpayers of Somerville. Keep at it people are slowly waking up there will be a real middle class taxpayers movement that will send them walking.

  3. Seriously????? We are now stuck with this one? We go from having the best to the bottom of the barrel? We are in desperate need for a council member to be working for the people of Somerville. It’s so sad we can’t get good people on the board and we and to lose one of the best to end up with someone who walks in here and ends up in a low income apartment in Assembly. Surprise, surprise and endorsed by a mayor who ignores the problems of the taxpayers of Somerville. This is not right and she should excuse herself.

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