Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line:Come On GLX You’re Better Than That Cleanup Your Mess


Dear Billy T and Somerville News Weekly Speakup Line,

We’re pretty surprised to see that GLX is leaving the streets around their storage yard at the old tow lot in disarray.

There are hundreds of thick muddy tire tracks accompanied be an inexcusable amount of dried dirt leading to and from the lot caused by dozens of your trucks entering and exiting the lot.

According to OSHA’s National Emphasis Program, OSHA intends to target roadway construction activities, specifically milling activities, to identify and reduce worker exposure to silica dust.

In the past we had to put up with tow trucks going in and out of there on a hourly basis, but now we have to deal with oversized dump trucks every half hour.

There is a large quantity of dirt flying around the Brickbottom area that is now being tracked through our parking lot by automobiles spreading it with there tires. Dirt is on our floors, in our units, in the air and in our respiratory system. At lease sweep it up with a street sweeper and hose it down before with water so people won’t get sick.

GLX should be help accountable to clean their mess every day hourly as well as night at the close of the work day.

When will this lot ever get developed so it doesn’t look like a war zone?

Your frustrated neighbors

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