6 thoughts on “Announcing Rep Connolly’s March office hours”

  1. Arthur, in light of current events unfolding, I don’t see the Bernie’s Our Revolution holding out much longer, demanding rent control, tax transfers, expecting struggling landlords to pay $10k moving fees to each tenant and provide subsidized condos, the city bank will finance. Good Luck with that, idiots! The lunatic left have really gone too far. Most of us have seen our taxes, water and other fees continue to surge while their friends are sitting on under assessed properties. Oh, yeah…where are the dutiful auditors? To expect that small landlords pay in order that the closet trustfunders get more free rides is totally unacceptable and reason the entire group of useless councilors including the parasite above should be sent packing. I believe soon the city will be under a transformation that will reset what our city was in past years. Of course, it can never go back to how it once was, but my impression is that it won’t get any worse. We long time locals need to continue to get the word out and organize. The councilors went too far this time as the other politicians. I believe we’ve all had enough and the upcoming elections will send a clear message. We pay their salaries and we vote. The squatters, carpetbaggers and couch surfers are only temporary interlopers. Even less now since colleges have packed them up and sent them home to learn online. Keep the faith and thank you for your perseverance and many contributions to encouraging government transparency. It’s very much appreciated among long time locals as myself and our mutual friends.

    1. I don’t expect things to be like they used to be. Just common sense planning. It’s just the severe lack of it. It’s a great part time job. Darn good salary for so few hours and ignoring people. I do have to say Bill White is great at getting back to people. May not say what we want but he is very good about doing his job. The others ignore. I have been ignored even more now than ever. I will not stop or shut up. But once this city is working towards their next election myself and friends will be getting very aggressive to put people in the know so we can start moving these council members out. They get paid well and the least they can do is their job. I started a FB page called keep Somerville moving. I am just getting started.

  2. Arthur the good thing is I really felt the burn after Terrific Tuesdays voter turnout. It looks like it will be a real burner for Bernies babies here in Massachusetts since it looks like he may have to swallow a big cup of Joe!

    Hopefully folks here in Somerville will see that voting is important and they need to participate so we can run these people out if town.

    They should position the Samaritans wisely and post their phone numbers I feel the fire is out and they maybe apt to self destruct after the next few Tuesdays.

    There is hope you just need to keep at it Arthur!

  3. This is one elected official that needs to sent packing. To all the hardworking middle class residents in wards two and three and the City of Cambridge. You need to visit him at his office hours and challenge him on the residential transfer tax, RENT CONTROL, first right of refusal.

    This guy is not a friend of property owners in Somerville, Cambridge and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. His SOCIALIST and progressive agenda will take every dime homeowners have accrued in equity and give it away to anybody and everybody.

    While you pay property taxes, water fees, parking fees, excise taxes, cpa fees, and a stamp tax when you sell your property they still want more to give away.

    Tell Mike and his his staff minion Matt no thanks we need representatives and City Councilors who will work to preserve our neighborhoods by not forcing residents to sell due to their thieving programs and beliefs.

    1. I have only called him out on one issue and he was less than desirable. After that I never bothered with him again. Need to find ways to get these kind of people out of office and put in ones working for us, the taxpayers who vote them in and pay their salaries to work for us. In the real world they could never hold a job just doing what they want.

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