Elderly and Disabled Need Not Apply!


By Arthur Moore

As Broadway in Somerville sits there broken and no sign of our leaders fixing their mistake it shows not only do they ignore their mistakes hoping they will go away but insult the people who have been here for years and also those with mobility problems. Even complaints within their own ADA department get ignored. You certainly have better luck at a Walmart service desk at least you get some satisfaction. They do listen to your complaint and usually fix it. As much as people complain about them they certainly make our city officials look pretty bad in that respect. My parents taught me to respect my elders and those worse off than myself. Do we see any of that on the hill? What is wrong with these people? We are not talking about one or two people here. I have only seen one person up there that cares plus the ADA department. Not one other council member and certainly not that traffic department. Now with Gilman Square being worked on I certainly hope the people will take lessons on this and make sure it is done right the first time. There is no second time. If they screw it up you are stuck with it. Also useless inaccurate data is a big thing with them. In Winter Hill they tried to sell it to us. Don’t let them. And you have to watch for them sneaking in when you are sleeping like in Winter Hill as once they do that you are once again stuck with it. How many of the elderly and people with mobility issues will be able to stay if they have no access to their homes or businesses? Look at Winter Hill again. They do not care. Only when they are selling it to you. Afterwards it’s a whole different story. The city is being redesigned for athletic young people. WE are not welcome here anymore!

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