New Year’s Resolution 2020 by Arthur Moore

September of 2019, I accidentally started something that ended up being called restore Broadway. Granted it started by wanting the road turned back to where it was before to end the problems, lack of safety, traffic congestion, biking safety, air quality. Then noticing the problem businesses were having by their parking taken away for an unused bike protected lane plus problems for the handicapped along that road that a change was made to try and help them. After talking to the business owners and many pedestrians, bikers and whoever else that wanted to add information and a number who do not want to be indentified we worked more in that direction in an attempt to help them from losing their business and livelihood. Sadly they can only take this loss of pay for so long. I had hopes the powers that be in the city would have some compassion for these people. I am still awaiting help from them. Although this is not my thing I have decided that by February first is nothing happens I will need to become aggressive. I can’t sit by and see this happen to them. There are many avenues open to us that I have been made aware of and will use them. I normally could not do this but health issues have given me the time to do this. I have created a FB page called Keep Somerville Moving. I am hoping to have civilized and open minded discussion and ideas. I think it may be a good place for us to get together and to have a place. I want to welcome all motorists, bikers, pedestrians, and whatever mode of transportation you take.

And my New year’s resolution is to do everything I can to help the Winter Hill Businesses this coming year.

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