Out Of Control Car Crashes Into Somerville Dunkin Donuts Hitting Pedestrian

By William Tauro

This past Tuesday New Years Eve morning, two vehicles collided causing one vehicle to crash into a Dunkin’ Donuts Shop striking and narrowly missing a pedestrian from a more serious impact by inches.

The incident occurred at 11:10 AM at the intersection of Broadway and McGrath Highway in Somerville.
After the two vehicles collided on McGrath Highway one of them lost control, spun around crashing into the building causing it to be wedged between a utility pole in the Dunkin Donuts backside door trapping the vehicle’s driver in the car.

A pedestrian was standing at the crosswalk waiting for the signal light to turn when one of the vehicles slightly struck him narrowly missing a more tragic situation by only inches.

An Arlington police officer who was on a nearby detail happened to be at the scene amongst all the confusion and chaos who was commencing rescue efforts minutes before Somerville Police and Fire first responders arrived and began treating the victims for injuries sustained from the crash.

Photo:Pedestrian sitting down leaning on light pole after being struck by motor vehicle.

One thought on “Out Of Control Car Crashes Into Somerville Dunkin Donuts Hitting Pedestrian”

  1. Get these cars off our streets. Mandatory driving school, regular re-certification and evaluation of fitness to drive.

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