Why I Am Voting for Marianne Walles by Arthur Moore

You see me out on the corner holding a sign trying to stick up for our rights and safety and air quality. This HAS to change now!! I have had enough of this administration not doing their job for the taxpayers of this city. This was set up for the people to have representation of their needs and concerns. Like in a government by the people for the people. This has turned into a monarchy and the people should not have to put up with this any longer.

We have many people here with different wants and needs and ideas on how this city should be run. We no longer have that say here. What we want no longer counts. I am not saying Curtatone has not done some good things but he has been here too long and has forgotten that this city is the taxpayers city, not his personal playground.

When we have meetings that are of great importance to us he could at least LOOK interested, and not staring at his phone for the whole meeting. Obviously showing no respect for the voters. We need to move on now and get Somerville back on track. I believe Marianne is the right person and we absolutely need to her a chance. At this point I am more than willing as I see no one else stepping up to save us.

I know each and every one of us is not going to agree with 100% with anyone who is in office but give us our say and do some of things we want for a change. We struggle and pay for this. I see so much lack of common sense and compassion now and I see the computers are used to figure out our needs now throwing meaningless numbers at us.

Get out and use your ears and mouth and talk to the people and businesses you are supposed to be working for. Learn what is going on here. For the restore Broadway movement I talk to people, I go out there and look and see. The computers do not see and feel what the people do.

This city was a walkable city at one time. They have lost all concept of that. Sometimes in history there are answers. On Broadway the multi use building is a dismal failure. No parking as it is full and the place is half empty. The city with no thought whatsoever has deliberately put these newcomers out of business. And crippled our long time businesses.

The businesses there now would never have invested their life into this had they known this was going to happen to them. Poor planning by the city to have what we need to make the city walkable. Going back to the “good ol days” we had a variety of stores within walking distance. We had a car but hardly needed it. We have hardly anything now due to poor planning. The mayor has no vision. Ask the people, we will tell you what we need and want. We are not stupid. If you cannot do your job then hand in your resignation and do us a favor.

I am definitely voting for Marianne and if she does not do her job I will be sure to let everyone know. At this time of my life I am free as I had to work to help my parents survive here and take care of them at home until they passed. I now have some time to work on some of the problems in the city which some people cannot speak up. I won’t do that, I will have my say. I could elaborate more but I am sure many of you already know what’s going on in this city. I say let’s give Marianne a shot, there is no one else stepping up. I am ready myself to join the others who have left this city.

I have 70 years here and expected to stay here until the end. I have been back and forth trying to make up my mind. Thank you. Feel free to ask me questions, I don’t sugar coat them and will answer honestly. I have put my heart and soul into this city, I ask for nothing for myself. I took not a dime once this restorebroadway got off to a crazy start and became what it is.

PLEASE! I am not asking for any favors to repay me, vote for Marianne.

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  1. I had hoped to stay out longer but my old body won’t take this weather. I am very surprised at how many young people are looking for this change. I didn’t expect that. But they are fed up too as well. People just want to be heard and have input into their city. And my hope also is that the council members not being held back can do a better job. You would think after being here over 70 years I would give up hope at being part of my city and having a chance at doing what the people want. I see this as a turning point. I know the weather is no great but please get out and vote. This one is more important than usual. Not that others are not important. But this could mean have our say for a change.

  2. My next door neighbor yelled at him to get off her porch or she was calling the police for trespassing. But I am sure he is used to that now.

  3. Arthur
    I think that is the sentiment throughout the city. Word on the street is the Mayor is not getting a warm welcome from many resident’s as he door.knocks.

    This years election may prove to be a battle that He cannot win. The Councilors are frothing at thier mouths knowing he is vunerable while working thier magic to get. out the vote .

    Whether its Broadway and poorly designed bike lanes, beacon street reconstruction and bike lanes, the injection site, pot shops, tax and fees, water bills, Davis Square rezoning, the closed bridges, poor roads and pedestrian walkways, removal of the high school. Parking lot, poor planning with student relocation, delapetated city buildings, excessive spending, treatment toward small.businesses, zoning overhaul, transfer tax, rent stabilization, free ride to partners, treatment of union employees and more.

    The taxpayers and residents have come to realize they are the pawns in a cruel game of political control.

    Bring on Marianne she cannot do any worse than him. The Inaugural will be the biggest and best ever.

    Somerville will.lead the way again.

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