Does the Mayor have a Strong Hold on the People of Somerville?

By Arthur Moore

This is something that I have discovered in my fight to restore Broadway. I have had so many people I have talked to in person it is incredible. The sad part is that everyone single one that I spoke to that is part of the City of Somerville, employed or elected support my cause and approve it. Yet not one will say or do anything publicly as they are afraid of retribution.

They just ask me not to say anything. I have to respect that. This is America, why can’t people speak their minds? We are supposed to have that right last I looked. I have businesses that support me. I have not solicited anyone to join in my fight. I wanted our board of council members to get together and express tier views to the mayor. Maybe I did not word it the right way.

I got a tiny bit of response that was good but mostly not much of anything except for one who publicly does not want to do what the voters want? One can only speculate at this point that they are afraid of the mayor. Why? He is only an elected official too who is hired by us to work for us. You read about these things and think that most of it is made up until you are up against it. If I lose my battle for the people of Somerville I will at least know I did the right thing in not being afraid to open my mouth and stand up for myself and the voters. Are all these people blackmailed and controlled?

Not just for my cause but anything that goes on it this city. Sure, I am a little afraid from all the stories I hear. I am starting to think there may be some truth in them. I don’t know. I did not start out to do this. It just happened. I have been here for 70 years. I want this city to do good things.

I wanted to work on fighting homelessness and hunger in this city when I retired. That was my goal. Also immigration which I started a while back when I sent a plan to solve the problem to the White House. For which they are studying it as they got back to me.

Yet here I am fighting for a road problem which anybody with and common sense cold see that it should never have been done at this time and needs to be blacked out and worked on at a later date such as a year from this Spring. Just simple common sense!

We are not against bikes and maybe not against the bus lane but let’s do it right. And let people speak without fear!

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