Somerville New Traffic Pattern May Have Caused Trash Truck Accident With Pedestrian

By William Tauro

The news of this past week of a trash truck accident that involved a pedestrian that took place at the intersection of McGrath Highway at Somerville Avenue absolutely does not come to a surprise to me at all.

According to State police technicians at the scene who told witnesses that after reviewing footage from a nearby security video surveillance camera, we have a good idea of what caused the accident. They stated that the camera caught the accident on film that had its own story to tell.

We were told that the video surveillance shows that the traffic control light for the trash truck at the time of the accident was green and the light for the pedestrian was white at the same time signifying ok to walk.

According to experts who were working on the traffic controls on Somerville Avenue the very next day after the accident, they told witnesses that they were re-synchronizing the traffic control lights and signals to prevent something like this from ever happening again.

A witness at the scene stated “That many accidents have occurred at this same location since the newly launched, dangerous traffic pattern was put in place earlier this year.”

The pedestrian was critically injured and transported to the hospital by ambulance to be treated for her injuries.

If these facts prove to be true and accurate, the city of Somerville may have a large liability factor on their hands.

This story is still developing…

11 thoughts on “Somerville New Traffic Pattern May Have Caused Trash Truck Accident With Pedestrian”

  1. New traffic patterns have caused many accidents. Not because they are new; because they are not using engineered codes through-out the city. They have added rules that don’t exist in driver training manuals. They change through-out the city; NO CONSISTENCY!!! How many versions of cross-walks along Beacon street? The art on paper is killing people in real life. These ideas to obstruct and slow traffic use human speed bumps. Instead of using common sense and engineered codes and studied patterns, the leaders of this city are liable for most accidents. Too many green lights intersecting. Bikes, pedestrians and cars all have a green at same time. Anyone injured in one of these non-engineered art projects needs to sue the creators of this failed city planning. Two pedestrians hit in Davis Square last Friday. Prob had nothing to do w/the Uber Wild West Somerville traffic jam. What are the chances it was an Uber or Lyft driver? How much will it cost to change back when they realize their experiment failed and harmed or killed many?

  2. That’s so freaky- I always wait for the walk sign at this spot, because it’s confusing where everything is coming from. Sure- keep building condos condos condos & pack the congestion up even more. It’s a madhouse – poor old Somerville the “next new thing” ugh

  3. This is a dangerous place for a crosswalk. It’s relatively new and has increased foot traffic zt this spot exponentially. I think it gives people a false sense of security. This is in front of the on ramp to a major highway. It is not a safe place to cross!! They need some kind of overpass.

  4. The streets in Somerville and Cambridge are going to be getting worse. They have been working on these roads for,3 fucking yeari and it still sucks. Not just in Somerville and Cambridge. but all the roads in Massachusetts

    1. Does not seem possible since we spend the most per mile for repairs in the US. Where do we rank in good roads? I think 50th. Wonder where we rank in road painting?

    2. Well you can thank the mayor for making this city worse especially when it comes to traffic patterns. Look what he didi to Broadway. He took away a lane and made it a bus lane when most people drive so now the traffic is worse. Its a shit show where Broadway and School st is. Look at Bow st in union sq. He made that diagonal parking and ypu have to reverse into the space. I can go on and on. If your fro. Somerville you see ot with your own eyes. If your a transplant you just have no idea

    1. This is common at some of the most dangerous intersections throughout the city. Walk sign and a green light both parties are looking at what pertains to them.

      Here unfortunately is another example of one idea fits all. Not in Somerville each street and neighborhood has its own peculiar circumstances and the powers to be are cowering to making everything safe for pedestrians and bikes.

      We need to slow it down and realize you cannot treat everything the same. An example Powderhouse boulevard they removed the lights at one intersection and replaced it with four way stop signs. Not good after someone has been killed in the same area. Now its a competative intersection of who’s first or who is in a hurry

      People make the mistakes not the roads. No more cowering or knee jerk reactions. Lets make our streets safe for all and not just try to meet our political goals..

    2. Yes the roads are getting worse. When you go by a road detail you see the cops on there cell phones. Not giving a shit
      They don’t know anything about roads or how to replace them

    3. Some pedestrians don’t follow traffic lights too, FYI. They cross even if it’s red light and cars are on green.

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