Somerville Speakup Line:Parking on Broadway In Front of Trum Field Is Totally Ridiculous

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

This is just an old retired cops opinion. I didn’t think it could get any crazier in Somerville than Mass. Ave, Central Sq. Cambridge, with trucks, buses, m/v’s & bicyclist, competing against each other in an old fashion demolition derby.

Not to mention Emergency Vehicles trying to get through. But parking in the middle of Broadway in Somerville, in front of Trum field with the bike lane in between is beyond belief to me.

Kids getting in and out of cars, while they’re dodging traffic on one side and cyclist on the other. Cyclists speed by bus stops, caution and no parking signs in front of the park if they so choose. Do you know that in our ticket books, we can write a ticket for a car parked 12 inches from the curb, because it was deemed unsafe for vehicular traffic passing by?
Now it’s okay to park in the middle of the street, essentially double parking in the old days on a major city roadway in front of a park the length of city block?

I have responded to well over a thousand m/v accidents in the past. Why with this new parting system, make it easier to have one?

Unfortunately if an accident occurs there, it won’t be just a fender bender.

Again just an old retired cops opinion. 🤔

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4 thoughts on “Somerville Speakup Line:Parking on Broadway In Front of Trum Field Is Totally Ridiculous”

  1. Mayor of Somerville Ma is a asshole letting these bicyclists geeks do what ever that building all over the city at once no subway stations there building in ball square iceing on the cake he made winter hill a traffic disaster please some one get rid of those idiot’s are fucken up my home town

  2. It gets even better as you go up to Winter Hill. Only thought that comes to mind is the use of drugs in the workplace. More so further up as people are clueless to the stupid lines and can’t make sense of where to park. Some are parked in the bike lanes others in the dumb white boxes. Bus only lanes? It’s a mess.

  3. Whoever had the sense to create this fiasco didn’t take stock in the passenger getting out of a car. Do you think they care when they open the door and “oops” there goes mayor joe ass over teakettle. Hope he wears his helmet. Sheer stupidity whoever came up with this.

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