Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

ATTENTION SOMERVILLE TAXPAYERS…As many of you know the current Somerville City Councillors have implemented restrictions on your private property. For example they are sneaky, refuse to send out mailings/communications to taxpayers on these restrictions, some are incompetent in many other ways. I am very concerned about the direction these newbies are taking our great city. Condo Conversion is yet another restriction. Whats next…rent control? They need to be stopped.

You are welcome follow my friend Stephen J. Bremis for more information and get involved in the coalition.

Thank You


Stephen J. Bremis:

UPDATE: An injunction has been filed as of yesterday…the City of Somerville will be served today and Court on Friday in our attempt to fight the overzealous terms of this Condo Conversion Ordinance…our meeting was very well attended by concerned Somerville homeowners. Other property owners have joined the complaint along with me and the Somerville Property Owners Coalition. Total Donations now exceed $16,000 and there are many new members who have now joined the ‘coalition’. I am releasing the following statement to the Somerville Journal today ‘The recently passed Somerville Conversion Ordinance is concerning in many respects…dealing with constitutional issues, legal issues regarding property owner’s rights, is also a version of outlawed rent control provisos and immediately impacts the property values of every small multi family property owner in the City of Somerville. That a second meeting was scheduled for residents to be heard on this proposal that was later cancelled…only for the ordinance to be subsequently passed is unconscionable…what we want is to stop the current proposal, create further discussion and changes that are more equitable than this current proposal and properly inform homeowners as to the affects of this far reaching legislation to hopefully come up with an alternative that is not so one sided against property owners.’

Stephen J. Bremis

4 thoughts on “Somerville Speakup Line: ATTENTION SOMERVILLE TAXPAYERS”

  1. Early retirements have to end. City workers should be working till age 67 like everyone else. The early retirements mean 2 or 3 families getting benefits that are unfunded.

  2. the city has some choices. Huge property tax hikes, a city income tax, default on obligations, declare bankruptcy. kinda like Detroit and Chicago

    those numbers should be disclosed in property tax bills so people can be prepared

  3. Reports are on website.
    Between debt, unfunded pension and unfunded health insurance(OPEB) – total debt and liabilities are $1 billion – yes with a ‘b’.
    No one, especially the Board is restraining the spending and someone will need to pay it back.

    All the raises and new hires are also making the unfunded pension worse, but no one cares about tomorrow.

    Once people realize Emperor Joe has no clothes, it will be too late.

  4. I will bet that the Somerville employees pension is in trouble and all of the small property owners will be paying for it. This is a theft of private property by a corporation called The City of Somerville. Would you let Wal-Mart do this to you. We need to look at the City’s CAFR reposts and see how much money they really have socked away. For those who don’t know what CAFR is it is Comprehensive Anual Finance Report. These people take there marching orders from the United Nations

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