Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Darin ZOLLARCOFFER (Quincy Warrants) & Shaun BELGRAVE (ADW, B&E, Defacement)

On July 20th, 2019, I, Officer James Torres, was in full uniform, while assigned to marked unit East 1, during the day shift. At approximately 10:15 AM, I, along with Officer Priscilla Ribeiro (East 4), responded to XXX Highland Avenue, for a report of two males fighting outside there, one with a knife. Officer Albert Gee (West 5), Officer Michael Cleary (West 6), Officer Paul Anderson (West 7), and Sgt John Gobiel (Sierra 8) responded as back up.

Upon my arrival, I observed Officer Ribeiro and Officer Gee, restraining an unknown male on the ground, that appeared to be covered in blood. The unknown male was thrashing around and screaming out obscenities. This individual was ultimately placed in handcuffs (double locked) by Officer Gee.

I then observed a male walk out of XXX Highland Ave #X, who appeared to be agitated as he approached me. This male was subsequently identified as Mr. Darin Zollarcoffer. Mr. Zollarcoffer stated to me that the male who officers had restrained, had just tried to break into his house and then tried assaulting him outside of the home. Mr. Zollarcoffer continued by stating that earlier this morning, he had allowed a female friend identified as Ms. XXXX, over to his house. Shortly thereafter, Ms. XXXX ex- boyfriend who was identified as Shaun Belgrave, showed up to the residence of Mr. Zollarcoffer. Mr. Zollarcoffer stated that Mr. Belgrave then began causing a commotion outside of the residence by screaming outside there. Mr. Zollarcoffer then observed Mr. Belgrave smash the window to the front door of the residence with what appeared to be a rock inside of a sock. Mr. Zollarcoffer then observed Mr. Belgrave dive head first into the first floor open window of the residence, causing the window screen to rip open. Mr. Zollarcoffer stated that Mr. Belgrave made partial entry into the residence through that window with the top part of his body. It was at this time that Mr. Zollarcoffer exited his residence and attempted to fend off Mr. Belgrave, away from the residence.

Mr. Zollarcoffer stated that as he was attempting to fend off Mr. Belgrave, he had a pocket knife in his hand with the blade in the open the position. The two made their way onto the side walk where Mr. Belgrave began swinging a sock with a rock inside of it at Mr. Zollarcoffer. Mr. Zollarcoffer then plucked a long piece of wood from the ground that was located in the area. Mr. Zollarcoffer then began using this piece of wood to keep Mr. Belgrave from getting too close. Mr. Belgrave was then able to pull the piece of wood from the grip of Mr. Zollarcoffer and then began attempting to strike Mr. Zollarcoffer with it. Mr. Zollarcoffer was then able to tackle Mr. Belgrave to the ground and hold him down until police arrived.

I then spoke to two witnesses who were identified as Ms. XXXX and Ms. XXXX. Both parties stated that they heard a commotion outside of their residence and when they went to go see what was going on, they observed Mr. Zollarcoffer and Mr. Belgrave engaged in what appeared to be a physical confrontation.

Mr. Belgrave was ultimately transported to Cambridge Hospital by Cataldo Ambulance to be treated for the wounds that he sustained during the incident. It was brought to my attention that Mr. Belgrave sustained what appeared to be lacerations to both forearms and a minor laceration to his forehead. Officer Ribeiro rode inside of the ambulance and accompanied Mr. Belgrave to the hospital as he was continuing his aggressive behavior.

It was then confirmed by Somerville Police Dispatch that Mr. Zollarcoffer had a default Warrant out of Quincy District Court Docket # 1856CR004832. Mr. Zollarcoffer was placed in handcuffs (double locked) and transported to the Somerville Police Headquarters in unit 200, operated by Officer Marika Duval and booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant Gerard Rymill.

Mr. Belgrave will be charged with the following: Breaking and Entering in the day time for Felony (C266/ S1), Malicious defacement of Property (C266 /S126A) and two counts of Assault with a dangerous weapon (C265/S15B).

The following items have been seized, tagged and placed into evidence:
– Long piece of wood
– Sock w/ a rock inside of it
– Sock w/ hole
– Rock
– Pocket knife

Ms. XXXX who was on scene was advised of her 209A rights to which she declined.

Respectfully submitted,
Officer James Torres
Badge #329

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