Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Dylan SHALLOW (ABPO, B&E MV, Shoplifting, Resisting Arrest)

On 7/19/2019, while assigned to the Bicycle unit as Bravo-3, I was dispatched with Bravo-4 (Officer Goulart) and West-6 (Officer Cleary) to the area of Buffalo Exchange for reports of a shoplifter. The shoplifter was reported to be a while male, approx five foot 10, wearing shorts, and a dark colored blazer style jacked. Units searched the area to no avail. Please see Officer Cleary’s supplemental for information regarding the shoplifting. Within a few minutes, Staff-2 (Deputy Chief Carrabino) called in over the radio stating he had a party matching that description on Meacham Street Near Kingston Road. Officer Goulart, Officer Cleary, and Myself made our way to that area. Officer Goulart and I arrived first, meeting Deputy Carrabino. Deputy Carrabino stated the male ran down Lester Terrace. The party, later identified as Mr. Dylan Shallow, a party known to me due to past arrests was located in the passenger seat of a motor vehicle, parked and off in front of X Lester Terrace.
Deputy Carrabino pointed him out to Officer Goulart and I. Mr. Shallow Immediately exited the vehicle and became hostile. He was yelling, swearing and attempted to push Deputy Carrabino into the bushes next to the vehicle he was previously occupying. The three of us attempted to restrain Mr. Shallow. I commanded Mr. Shallow several times to stop resisting. At this point Officer Goulart and I handcuffed Mr. Shallow and assisted him to the ground. Mr. Shallow was continuing to scream at all three of us. He then Bit officer Goulart in the web of his left hand. Mr. Shallow attempted to flee from Officer Goulart and Deputy Carrabino. This resulted in Officer Goulart pepper spraying Mr. Shallow, Please see his supplemental for further details. During the struggle Mr. Shallow also assalted Deputy Carrabino, kicking him. Once Mr. Shallow was finally subdued I was able to determine that the vehicle he was occupying when we found him was not his own. Deputy Carrabino also informed me that he saw Mr. Shallow in another vehicle a few houses up the street. At the time of the writing of this report, neither owner of the vehicles were able to be reached to determine if anything of value was taken.

Mr. Shallow has been charged with the following:
Shoplifting by asportation
Two counts of breaking and entering MV night time
Two Counts of Assault and Battery on a Police Officer
Resisting Arrest

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Christopher Fusco #328

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