Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Francisco SANTOS (ABDW, Resisting Arrest) On Broadway Somerville

On Saturday, June 29, 2019, I, Officer Jorge Morel, was working in full uniform in marked cruiser (East 1) during the 12am-8am shift. At approximately 12:13 am, (Officer D. Ruff) (East-4) and I responded to a report of an assault in progress over at Fasika at 147 Broadway. Momentarily, dispatch updated us that the assault became a stabbing; the description given to us was a Hispanic male wearing a blue shirt and that the parties involved in the stabbing relocated to X Cross Street after following supect. Several other units responded as back-up.

Upon arrival, Officers observed several people gathered in the driveway entrance of X Cross St. Everyone in the area began to point towards the driveway of X Cross St stating; “He is in the backyard and he has knives”, “He stabbed two people.” The witnesses on scene that identified Mr. Santos were XXXX one of the victim, XXXX and XXXX (see Officer Ruf supplementary report). Officers proceeded to walk through the driveway towards the backyard. There was no sign of the suspect.

The witnesses began to yell He is over there, pointing to a side alley between X Cross Street and XX Cross Street. Officers located the suspect, later identified as Francisco Santos who matched the description.
Officer Ruf and I commanded Mr. Santos, multiple times, to lay flat on the ground with his hands to the side, he refused to do so. Officer Ruf jumped over the fence and attempted to escort Mr. Santos to the ground. Mr. Santos struggled against Officer Ruf and attempted to break free from him. I jumped the fence and began to assist Officer Ruf. I would like to note that, Officer Ruf and I told Mr. Santos to put his hand behind his back but he kept using force against us and tried to bring his arms forward and break free from us, while we were on the ground. Officers were able to restrain Mr. Santos, he was handcuffed by Officer Ruf behind his back (double locked and checked for proper tightness) in a manner consistent with Officers training. I conducted a search of Mr. Santos which yielded a red and silver pocket knife, from his left back pocket pants.

While I and the other Officers were speaking with Mr. Santos, Officer Hartsgrove was attending to the first victim XXXX. Mr. XXXX told Officer Hartsgrove that he was just sitting at the bar drinking until a Hispanic male in a blue shirt came over to him smashed a glass, cut his throat leaving a deep laceration and tried to stab him in the abdomen. The Hispanic male fled and several bar patrons chased him outside. Mr. XXXX refused medical treatment.

Officer Ruf spoke with XXXX who stated the following; XXXX heard that XXXX got stabbed in the bar, Mr. XXXX and a crowd chased him to the intersection of Broadway and Rush Street, where Mr. Santos stabbed him in the left side of his body leaving a small cut. Mr. XXXX and the crowd followed Mr. Santos to the backyard of X Cross Street and was one of the people that identified Mr. Santos to the Officers. Mr. XXXX refused medical treatment.

Detective M. Faria responded to the scene took pictures of the scene and logged the recovered knife from the backyard into evidence. Officer Ruf will be filling a supplementary. I retrieved the red silver knife found on Mr. Santos tagged and logged it into evidence.

I will be filling the following charges against Mr. Santos;

-C.H.265/ S.15A /A Assault and Battery with Deadly Weapon. Two counts.

-C.H.268/ 32B Resisting Arrest.

Respectfully submitted;

Officer Jorge Morel
Badge #356

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