Letter from the Editor:Meeting to Promote Police Sgt to LT who Photocopied Penis on Elementary School Computer

This coming Monday night (July 1st), conveniently when most of the city residents are away on vacation during the Fourth of July week, the City of Somerville will hold a meeting with city council members from 6pm until they adjourn that evening.

The meeting will include a recommendation from our own Mayor Joseph Curtatone for the second time trying to sneak in a request for the promotion of a Somerville Police Sgt to Lieutenant. Somerville taxpayers are urged to show up and attend in person at Somerville City Hall in the committee room, which will be crowded with candidates and lawyers to watch this all unfold.

Please note that it will not be live streamed. All committee room meetings are recorded and posted later for viewing on the city’s website. So show up in person and voice your opinion!

Myself, as well as many Somerville taxpayers are having great difficulty trying to comprehend the reasoning for this untimely scam, especially in an election year and put this into perspective.

The Mayor is trying to sneak in a Lieutenant promotion for a Somerville Police sergent who put his penis on a Somerville elementary school computer as that school’s resource officer, scanned it and then emailed it out on the same elementary school computer, shot up Highland Avenue on a busy Saturday afternoon with his service firearm, stole the identity of a Concord Massachusetts police officer because he was dating this Concord Police officer’s exwife and this SGT also who has allegations of sexual harassment on him in an ongoing case right here in Somerville as we speak from a female Somerville Police officer as well.

This particular sergent hasn’t been back into work for months because he’s out on a bogus heart attack claim after my articles came out about him and his inner-circle corruption with the administration and commander officials.

Looks like Joe is trying to retire him as a Lieutenant on the tax payers dime at your expense!

I was also informed by a credible source at SPD that after my articles came out, the top command at SPD informed this Sgt and told him because of the recent exposure of the Tauro articles we cannot go forward with the promotion. But there are credible allegations surfacing out there that the good sergeant’s reply was “If this promotion doesn’t get done, I will let the cat out of the bag” for whatever that means. What’s he got on the mayor?

This good Sgt has been out on medical leave, after my articles exposed him, for a couple of months on a supposedly well timed “heart attack” and in my opinion he has no intentions to return to work but by promoting him to lieutenant he will retire at a lieutenants pay for the rest of his life at your expense, the taxpayers. Disgusting!

Please take the time or a few minutes and check out the two links below that will describe this candidate for promotion and give you an idea of who he really is.

And yes I will be there live-streaming it from my favorite seat for the world to see! 😂

Somerville Speakup Line: Mayor trying to sneak in Lieutenant promotion for SGT who put Penis on school computer


Somerville Cop Accused of Discharging Weapon On A Public Way, Placing His Penis On A School Computer and Stealing A Fellow Officers Identity; Nominated For Promotion Twice!

2 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor:Meeting to Promote Police Sgt to LT who Photocopied Penis on Elementary School Computer”

  1. This weirdo cop threatens to “let the cat out of the bag? Folks, he must like taking things out. He took out his Johnson, so who cares about a cat.

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