Somerville Speakup Line: Mayor trying to sneak in Lieutenant promotion for SGT who put Penis on school computer

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

Are you aware that there is a mayors communication in for this thursdays council meeting requesting the promotion of Kiely to Lt.?

It’ll go to committee but I thought I’d let you know if you didn’t already.

How can these City counselors vote this clown in maybe it’s time to drain the swamp with all of them? Please do something about it! Are these City Councilors trying to sell us out by letting this happen?

And they passed over a lot of good qualified candidates. It’s a disgrace. Fallon ought to be ashamed of himself.

Check out your original story below about this creep!

Concerned resident,

Somerville Cop Accused of Discharging Weapon On A Public Way, Placing His Penis On A School Computer and Stealing A Fellow Officers Identity; Nominated For Promotion Twice! |

5 thoughts on “Somerville Speakup Line: Mayor trying to sneak in Lieutenant promotion for SGT who put Penis on school computer”

  1. Papa Kiely a long time hack – oldest son best friends with Capuano Communications Director Trane. Any other cop would have been drummed out after first offense, never mind third or fourth.

  2. Sergeant KIley might get promoted even if these allegations are true. I imagine that Capuano and Curtatone have advised him for the time being to hang in there and just stick it out.

  3. The City Council hopefully will not approve this promotion. This police officer is unfit for duty as a police officer. If what you have written is true, he appears to be a perverted and sick individual.

    It is incumbent on the Council to investigate this matter to determine if former Congressman Capuano intervened in this matter. If he did, it would appear to be a case of misconduct and obstruction of justice.

    As for Mayor “Corruptatone” he is what he is. To even consider this promotion says it all.

    Only the City Council can do the right thing. It’s obvious that Capuano and Joe “Corruptatone” will not and have not done the right thing.

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