Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Jeff MALLOY (Op MV w/License Susp, Crosswalk Viol)

On the above date and time, I, Officer Steven Johnson, was assigned to a marked traffic enforcement cruiser. I was assigned to conduct enforcement in the Assembly Row area of Somerville. While I was on Grand Union Blvd, at the intersection of Canal St, both roadways are public ways in the City of Somerville, I observed a black Ram pickup truck, fail to stop for an elderly female who was in the crosswalk. This woman was several feet into the crosswalk, when the vehicle went past her. She was clearly visable on the pickup’s right side.

I activated my blue lights and siren and stopped the vehicle on Grand Union Blvd, one block up from where the violation occurred. The pickup had a New Jersey number plate, xxxx. When I exited my cruiser and approached the pickup, I observed that it was being operated by the defendant, Jeff Malloy. Mr Malloy did not have a driver’s license with him. I asked him for his personal information, which he provided. He stated that he had a Massachusetts license, and that it was active at this time. At this point, I returned to my cruiser and using my laptop, I ran the defendant through CJIS. I was able to determine that the defendant has never had a valid license in Massachusetts, only an identification card, and that his right to operate was suspended.
Based on this information, I placed the defendant under arrest for the above stated charges. He was handcuffed, and the cuffs double locked. He was transported to the police station, in the wagon, and booked by Lieutenant DiGregorio. Citation # T1827538 was issued to the defendant.

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