Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Danielle WALSH (B&E Daytime Felony, RSP)

On Sunday, 6/2/2019, I, Officer DiFava, was on duty for the Somerville Police department operating marked cruiser 786. At approximately 1852 hrs, I was dispatched to 4X Russell street for a report of a suspicious person described as a female, very tanned wearing a purple shirt. The reporting party, XXXX stated that the female could possibly be the same female who broke into his apartment recently. Upon arrival, as I was walking up to the address, a male and female, later identified as XXXX and XXXX exited their residence at 4X Russell street. They both appeared frightened and told me that they had just come home and could hear someone walking around upstairs. As I walked towards the house, I could hear noises coming from the garage. I radioed to dispatch that there was a possible break and enter in progress and drew my department issued firearm. While approaching the door, it opened and a female known to me as Danielle Walsh was standing there with several bags in her hand. I ordered Walsh to come out and show me her hands, Walsh slammed the door on me. I attempted to gain access, but the door was locked. At this time, Officer Desrochers arrived on scene and covered the left side of the house. As I was standing in the driveway I observed Walsh on the deck to the residence. I ordered Walsh to stay where she was and to show me her hands. Walsh ducked down out of my sight and I yelled to Officer Desrochers that Walsh was on the rear deck. At this time, Lieutenant DiGregorio arrived on scene. Officer Desrochers went around to the rear porch and observed Walsh. Officer Desrochers ordered Walsh to the ground and placed her in handcuffs. Officer Lorenti and Officer Duval arrived on scene and stayed with Officer Desrochers while Lt. DiGregorio and I searched the house for anyone else. After securing the house, several items were left by the kitchen window that leads to the rear porch. I went outside to speak with XXXX, who was now standing with her mother, XXXX. I showed XXXX and XXXX the contents of a black back pack that was recovered on the porch where Walsh was apprehended. Inside the backpack was jewelry and other personal items in which XXXX and XXXX identified as their own (photos attached). There was a black bag with a Cannon camera, Google speaker, a pair of Adidas sneakers and a plane ticket with the name XXXX on it also recovered inside the residence. While I was speaking to XXXX and XXXX, I was told that there was two women out front who were also reporting a break at their residence, 1X Cottage Ave. The prisoner transport vehicle arrived on scene and Walsh was transported to the Somerville Police station where she was booked by Sergeant Holland.

I walked over to 1X Cottage Ave where I spoke to XXXX and XXXX. XXXX and XXXX stated that they live on the second floor and just came home and noticed that the rear door was open on the first floor. They also noticed that the window at the rear of the house was open. Officer Desrochers and I entered the apartment and observed a mail with the name XXXX. A few minutes later, XXXX, arrived home and stated that she left her house around 10am this morning and that she left her windows open. XXXX noticed that her two gold rings were missing along with a purple Patagonia jacket. I showed XXXX the black bag with the camera and google speaker and she stated that it was hers. Officer Desrochers called Sgt Holland and advised him that Walsh was wearing a purple Patagonia jacket when she was arrested. Sgt Holland asked Walsh if the jacket was hers and she denied. Inside the jacket was an Apple watch which also did not belong to Walsh, nor did it belong to XXXX.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Marc DiFava # 289

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