Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Jeovani ROBINSON (Fail to Stop, Drug Possession to Distribute, Firearm w/o FID Card, Fail Wear Seatbelt, Firearm Carry w/ Ammunition) & Robert FAVREAU (Drug Possession to Distribute, Firearm w/o FID Card, Fail Wear Seatbelt, Firearm Carry w/ Ammunition)

On Friday, May 03, 2019, while assigned to the Bravo unit, Officer Pavao and I were monitoring vehicular traffic at the intersection of Washington Street and Beacon Street. At approximately 6:00 P.M., I observed a red Honda Accord bearing Massachusetts registration XXXX fail to stop at a red light at the intersection of Beacon Street and Washington Street (public ways in the city of Somerville).

I stepped from the sidewalk onto the travel lane and motioned for the operator to pull over. The operator stopped approximately 20 feet away from me and appeared hesitant. While standing in front of the vehicle, I motioned for the operator two more times to pull over, and he complied. I requested the operator’s license and registration and I informed him of the reason of the stop. I noticed that the passenger was not wearing his seat belt and requested his identification card. The operator and passenger appeared extremely nervous, and would not make eye contact with me. While waiting for the operator to produce his license, I observed a clear plastic bag containing a green leafy substance and several empty clear bags in the back seat of the vehicle.

The operator/owner of the vehicle handed me his license and registration and was identified as Jeovani ROBINSON. The passenger stated that he did not have his license on him and provided me with his name Robert FAVREAU, DOB: XXXX and social security number. I queried ROBINSON and FAVREAU’s information over the radio, and was informed that both parties had identifications and no warrants were located.
At this time I received a telephone call from Detective Cicerone from the narcotics unit who advised me to use caution with FAVREAU as he is known to carry firearms. While standing by the driver side door, I observed ROBINSON sliding his feet in a backward motion in what appeared to be an attempt to conceal something under the seat. I asked ROBINSON if he has any weapons in the vehicle and he replied “No.” While on the phone with Detective Cicerone, I noticed that both ROBINSON and FAVREAU were progressively getting more nervous.

ROBINSON started shaking, and began making excuses that he needed to leave immediately. ROBINSON stated that his grandmother had a seizure and he was on his way to see her. Due to ROBINSON’s behavior, I ordered him out of the vehicle; pat frisked him for weapons and asked him to sit on the curb.

FAVREAU had a black bag and a Nike shoe box between his feet. I ordered FAVREAU out of the vehicle, pat frisked him for weapons and asked him to take a seat on the curb. I frisked the black bag and did not feel any hard object consistent with the shape and size of a weapon. I then opened the shoe box and saw a black firearm with a silver slide. (Polymer 80 Glock PF940CL and ten round magazine containing ten 9mm rounds).

I informed Officer Pavao of the findings and he immediately placed ROBINSON in handcuffs. I placed FAVREAU in handcuffs and requested the prisoner transport and a tow truck. Officer Collazo and Detective Cicerone arrived on scene. Officer Collazo walked up to the vehicle and stated to me that he could see the grip of a firearm under the driver seat. I removed a black Taurus PT 940, with a ten round magazine containing ten .40 caliber rounds. The location of this firearm is consistent with ROBINSON’s movement of his feet earlier.

ROBINSON and FAVREAU were transported to the Somerville Police headquarters via unit 200, operated by Officer DaCosta. Officer Pavao secured the firearms and placed them in evidence boxes.

The vehicle was towed to the Police headquarters by Pats tow; Officer Collazo followed the truck to the station.

ROBINSON and FAVREAU were booked by Sergeant Holland. Detective Cicerone read ROBINSON his Miranda rights and Sgt. Capasso asked ROBINSON if he would voluntarily consent to a search of his vehicle and advised him that he had the right to decline, in which case officers would apply for a search warrant and request permission from the court to search the vehicle. ROBINSON gave consent to search his vehicle and signed a consent form (copy attached to this report).

Sgt. Capasso and Officers Collazo and Pavao conducted a search of the vehicle and recovered a 9mm shell case, a scale, several bags of cereal edibles (THC products).

Based on the evidence recovered from the vehicle, I believe ROBINSON and FAVREAU are involved in drug distribution. FAVREAU had $1780 in his possession and ROBINSON had $936. This currency was confiscated from both defendants.

Please see Officer Pavao’s supplemental report for all items seized/confiscated.

ROBINSON and FAVREAU were charged with the following offenses:

And were issued citations for the motor vehicle infractions.

Respectfully submitted,

Samir Messaoudi #312

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  1. Great job SPD defunding would have likely reduced the charges just to a seatbelt warning.
    Imagine If they did not get stopped and continued on their merry way? There could have been more violence in the area of the ” Mayors neighborhood ” not ours.

    Again it is time to defund city hall remove four Councillors make them all at large from each ward. Hire a impartial city manager and give the School Committee members a stipend for having the compassion they do to care about our children

    At the end of the day all the over paid politicians are likely to go home to their family unless they screw up but had one of those gun totting assholes moved on anything would have been possible.


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