Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Sherwood BYERS (Burn Personalty, Defacement, A&B)

On 04/30/2019 at around 2131 hours, while in full uniform and assigned to marked unit East 2, was dispatched to 701 Somerville Ave (Cumberland Farms) for a suspicious person, but then the call was updated for the same suspicious person starting a fire. East 3, Ofc Buswell was also dispatched.

Upon, our arrival, Ofc Buswell and I spoke with individuals, which were around the Cumberland Farms. One witnesses who was identified as XXXX, stated a black male that was acting strangely, walked up to her and requested money. Ms.XXXX did not provide any money to this person and he walked away. She then stated, the same individual who had just asked her for money, was able to set the gas pump spout on fire, but unknown means.

Another customer at Cumberland Farms acted quickly, and was able to extinguish the fire with the fire extinguisher that was readily, available. This Customer was later identified as XXXX. After the fire was extinguished, another gas pump spout was set on fire, on the other side of Cumberland Farms. This second fire, was able to be extinguish by a water hose, which was available a few feet away from the second gas pump. The same suspect, broke of the drain downspout, which was on the left side of Cumberland Farm.

I then spoke to the reporting party, XXXX. Ms. XXXX was able to provide a better description of the suspect. The suspect was identified as a black male; standing 5’8″-5’10”, wearing a dark color hooded jacket, dark basketball jersey, white or light khaki pants and red color sneakers. Suspect ran right from the rear of Cumberland Farms, toward Union Sq. Video surveillance is available and no injuries were reported.

Respectfully submitted,

Ofc Ramirez, Jose #259
Somerville Police Dept.

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