Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Jeff BOSQUET (Shoplifting) Home Depot Assembly Row

On Monday April 29th, 2019, I, Officer DuVal, along with my partner, Officer Lorenti, was working patrol in marked unit West 5. At approximately 8:30AM, I was dispatched to Home Depot for a report of a shoplifter. Officer Schneider and Officer Morel, (East-1), responded as back-up.

Loss Prevention Officer Mr. XXXX had notified Officer Schneider of a shoplifter who was refusing to cooperate and fled from the store. The description given to Officer Schneider was a black male wearing all black clothing with a black/blue backpack. It was also reported that he was riding a bicycle.

While en route to Home Depot, on Lombardi Way, Officer Schneider notified me that he observed the suspect traveling on his bike against traffic towards Everett via Mystic Ave. Due to conjested traffic, it took Officers a few minutes to catch up to the suspect who was located on the Alfred Street Bridge in Everett.

After stopping the suspect, he was identified as Mr. Jeff Bosquet. I would like to note that Mr. Bosquet did not have any identification on his person. I asked what he had taken from the store and he said that he had taken a drill, however he had dropped by the garden section after being confronted by the Loss Prevention Officer. I asked him why he ran and he stated that he was nervous and doesn’t do well with confined spaces.

Based on the facts, I asked Officer Lorenti to place Mr. Bosquet under arrest. Mr. Bosquet was transported in Unit #200 operated by Officer T. Lambert to the Somerville Police Department. Mr. Bosquet was booked by Lt. Sheehan in the usual manner.

Upon follow up with Mr. XXXX, Officer Schneider learned that Mr. Bosquet walked out the back side door by the garden section. Mr. XXXX provided a receipt of the merchandise that Mr. Bosquet had taken from the store, totaling $159.00. I will attach a photo of the receipt to this report.

I will be filing the following charge against Mr. Bosquet:
-CH. 266/ Sec. 30A – Shoplifting by Asportation

Respectfully submitted,
Officer DuVal #355
Somerville Police

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