Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Bill HUA (A&B DW, A&B PO, Resisting, Evade Taxi Fair)

On 04/23/2019, I Officer Joseph S. Teves was working in full uniform assigned to marked cruiser East 4. At approximately 16:15 hours I was dispatched to the parking lot located at 125 Jacques Street. I was informed that there was a male party in a taxi cab that was refusing to pay the fare to the cab driver. I arrived on location and made contact with the reporting party who would be identified as XXXX (DOB: xxxx).

I asked XXXX to tell me what was going on. XXXX informed me that the gentleman in the back of his taxi refused to pay the fare for a round trip that he had taken to the store and back to 125 Jacques Street. I asked XXXX how much the fare was. XXXX informed me that the fare was $15.60. I then circled around the vehicle to the right rear door to speak with the passenger, who would be identified as Bill Phu Hua (DOB: xxxx). I asked Mr. Hua to explain to me what was going on. Mr. Hua stated that he was not going to pay the fare. When I asked why, Mr. Hua looked at me and said “Because I fucking own Mother Nature.”
I informed Mr. Hua that he had to pay the fare and that the sooner he did this the sooner we would all be able to leave and get on with our day. Mr. Hua then said “How about I put my dick in your mouth and you can tell me how it tastes.” I told Mr. Hua that I don’t think I would like that very much and politely asked Mr. Hua to pay the fare once again. This time Mr. Hua requested that I stick out my tongue for him. I refused to do so and at that point Mr. Hua violently slammed the door into me.

I took a step back and Mr. Hua exited the motor vehicle and immediately threw a punch at me with his right hand. As I blocked his attack he raised his right leg and kicked me in the midsection. At this point I took Mr. Hua down to the ground and a struggle ensued. As I was trying to secure Mr. Hua I radioed dispatch and requested another unit as well as the mobile detention unit (Unit 200). Shortly after I radioed for assistance Unit West 5, (Officer Johnson), East 3 (Officer Soares), East 1 (Officer Desrochers), Alpha 1 (Officer Van nostrand), D16 (Officer Mcnally), and Unit 93 (Officer Granitsas)arrived at my location. Officer Johnson assisted with securing Mr. Hua. Once Mr. Hua was in handcuffs Officer Johnson and I assisted Mr. Hua back to his feet and awaited the arrival of unit 200 operated by Officer Cleary, Once unit 200 arrived Mr. Hua was searched and loaded into unit 200 and transported back to the Somerville Police Department where he was booked by Lt. Rymill. In closing I seized Mr. Hua’s shoes that he was wearing at the time of this incident and they will be logged into evidence.

Respectfully submitted,
Officer Joseph S. Teves #297
Somerville Police Dept.

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