2 Alarm Fire Broadway Somerville, 2 Family Pets Die

Photos by Bob Staffiere and Nancy Shea

By William Tauro

This past Friday afternoon Somerville firefighters battled a two alarm dwelling fire located at 916 Broadway in Somerville.

First responders also attempted twice to performed CPR on a dog that was pulled from the building trying to revive the pet. Unfortunately the dog did not survive. A pet cat was also lost in the fire.

According to sources at the scene, firefighting efforts were affected by the solar panels on the roof of the home.

No other injuries were reported.

Photo:Responders attempting to perform CPR to a dog that was pulled from the structure.

13 thoughts on “2 Alarm Fire Broadway Somerville, 2 Family Pets Die”

  1. Hello Somerville Neighbors! Your kindness in our crisis has been a great comfort. Your generosity and helpfulness helped us when we were in total shock and didn’t know what to do next. Now, a specific need: If you know of an affordable room in a clean, courteous, ADULT household, my housemate L– is still looking for a place. She has a great sense of humor, is very responsible, quiet, hardworking, and fun to talk to. Mid-50s and proud of it. She and I would gladly take a 2 BR apt to share until our house is ready to move back in — may be a year, maybe longer. We need to be 10 minutes’ walk or less to a “T” stop. I prefer the Davis area, she is much more flexible. Any leads, please let me know. Thanks.

  2. I am the homeowner of this historic home. 120 years of beauty destroyed in an hour. Thank you to all the kind people offering to help us. My housemate, and my downstairs tenant, both lost beloved pets. All of us lost our treasured personal possessions and irreplaceable family mementos. We are deeply grateful that all the human residents, and the brave firefighters of Somerville (thank you, all of you!) were not injured. Thank you, dear people of Somerville, dear neighbors and kind strangers, and the Red Cross who showed up with aid and comfort. You are dear beyond words. Now, my housemates need affordable furnished rooms walking distance to the Red Line. if you know anyone who might share their home with one or more of my housemates, they are wonderful people, very responsible and kind.

    1. I haven’t used this format before. Not intending to be “anonymous.” My name is Polly. I am the homeowner, and your neighbor at 916 Broadway since 1993 (and in Somerville since 1987.) Thank you again to all the first responders: Somerville Fire Department, Somerville Police, the Red Cross, and everyone who tried to help my bereaved housemates and downstairs tenants through the first horrible hours.

      1. Polly you are amazing. Thank you. I am one of the residents. “Bike lane guy” should know that those beautiful pets had names: my beautiful Bella and Scout, an awesome golden retriever.
        I want to thank, on behalf of my devastated housemates, all the kind people who stopped to talk, the lady with the teapot who handed me a cup of tea, the firefighters from Somerville and Cambridge who tried to save our beloved pets, the neighbor who let us all Park on his porch to get out of the rain; gratitude to Steve from the Red Cross and Doug. Dir. of Human Services, who stood with me out in the rain for hours, your presence helped me stay on my feet. I will forever remember your kindness. To the firefighter who escourted us, I still have a cucumber eye pad for you <3 Bless you all

        1. If Bike Lane Guy has any heart, any compassion, any humanity, he will apologize for his comments.

          These people suffered the awful loss of two loved pets and their residence. People are forgiving. Just apologize. We are all human and we all make mistakes. Show some class and just say you made a mistake.

      2. Sweet Polly P. Larry sent me an email and told me what happened. I am so sorry to hear about this. I’m glad you’re all safe and I’m sorry to hear what you and others have lost. I’ll keep updated through the guys, but please let me know if I can help in any way.

    2. Hi, I’m a Broadway neighbor, and I happened to catch the firefighters in action. I’m not sure what I would do if my home burned down, and I had to find somewhere else to live ASAP. I can’t provide a room, but please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

  3. Great job by the Somerville Fire Department. I am sorry to hear about the loss of the two pets. The SFD did their best; that’s what counts! Keep up the good work.

  4. My God! They blocked the bike lane! I hope the bike lane wasn’t damaged!! Houses and pets can be replaced…but bike lanes!!! I’m so worried!

    1. Really “Bike lane guy”? You think this is funny. My housemate who lost her beloved cat is crying herself to sleep tonight. My tenant who lost her beloved, very young dog, is crying herself to sleep tonight. Losing a pet any way is wrenching, losing a pet this way is beyond horrible. Sorry, “Bike lane guy,” these are real people who lost their homes and their pets today. I would not make jokes about you if you suffered a loss. Peace on earth, man. I happen to be a bike rider too.

    2. Nice going asswipe. Hope you’re an ignoramus just passing through because people like you are not wanted or needed in Somerville. You have no consideration for others with your callous insentitive comments. Better to stay silent than open your mouth and prove you are a fool.

    1. I spoke to Chief Charlie Breene, Somerville Fire Department. He stated that the solar panels were not a problem in fighting this fire. Blaming the solar panels was a misstatement by someone who was not authorized to speak on behalf of the fire department. Somerville FD cut a hole in my roof on the side of the house that didn’t have solar panels. Solar panels are only a problem if they cover both sides of a roof. You can get solar panels with a clear conscience. Ours were great! We had negative electric bills most months.

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