Somerville Mark Niedergang, Ward 5 City Councilor: The Parking Revolution is Coming!?!

(Maybe,I hope…) Interested in improving Somerville’s antiquated & ineffective parking policies? Check out what is sure to be an interesting meeting: on Tues., April 30, at 6 PM in the Council Chambers in City Hall, the City Planning Department will be presenting some recommendations & options for new parking policies.

This is part of the proposed citywide zoning overhaul, but will likely be more far-reaching going forward. The Administration’s internal parking working group has been working with Nelson/Nygaard, a highly regarded traffic-consulting firm, to explore reforming parking policies in Somerville.

You can attend in person or watch it on-line anytime at

3 thoughts on “Somerville Mark Niedergang, Ward 5 City Councilor: The Parking Revolution is Coming!?!”

  1. It is time to run this guy out of town. Rumor is he wants to run for Mayor.
    I think it’s better to know the devil we do than the devil that’s an out of town trust fund baby riding around on his bike screwing this city up.

    He cannot address any of the problematic issues in his own ward. As they say he cannot see the forest through the trees. That’s because the developers cut the down.

    If you continue to remove parking spaces, raise parking permit fees, excise taxes you will solve one problem there will be less cars. But no cash flow from these fees and a loss of revenue from parking violations.

    Who will pay to patch the one-hundred and fifty streets with pot holes? Who will pay for the street reconstruction projects? Not the bicyclist they are just passing through this fine city to and from work to the less expensive surrounding suburban communities.

    Lets make Somerville Great Again! Stop dividing the community and stop beating up on those that pay the freight.

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