Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone Net Worth Is $17 Million.

According to Tom Ford of Somerville’s Mayor Joseph Curtatone Net Worth in 2018 was $17 Million.

Joseph Anthony Curtatone (born June 28, 1966 in Somerville) is the mayor of Somerville, Massachusetts. Curtatone has served in this capacity since taking office in 2004.

Curtatone, born and raised in Somerville, graduated from Somerville High School in 1984. He later earned his B.A. from Boston College in 1990, his J.D. from the New England School of Law in 1994, and his MC/MPA from Harvard University‘s John F. Kennedy School of Government in 2011.[2] He served as an attorney in private practice before beginning his political career.

After serving as an Alderman for the city of Somerville for eight years, Curtatone was elected mayor in 2003. At 38, he was the second youngest mayor in Somerville history. He is serving his eighth term as mayor.

During his tenure, Somerville has been recognized by The Boston Globe Magazine as the Best Run City in the Commonwealth.

In January 2017, Curtatone reaffirmed Somerville’s sanctuary city policy saying “will not waver” in the support for documented and undocumented immigrants. The city will not cooperate with President Donald Trump‘s executive order reducing grant funding to sanctuary cities and changing deportation standards.

In 2015, Curtatone was sued in a civil case, alleging that he violated the civil rights of a Somerville High School soccer player accused of rape.[6] The case was dismissed in October 2017.

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14 thoughts on “Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone Net Worth Is $17 Million.”

  1. Getting paid off by the United Nations . To bring agenda 2030 to Somerville. Look it up and you can see he is in lock step with the UN

  2. So I think there should be Cap on a Mayor’s tender. I think Joe Curtatone has done alot for the City and I believe he does care. But I just know the City of Somerville is being run his way. Would like to see another in Office.

      1. Absolutely, I know first hand…maybe he’s also involved in huge drug deals with his crooked cop cousin……

    1. Inheritance from his fathers hard work..And he followed in his foot steps working his butt off since he was a kid.He is a good friend of mine..He has worked hard for what he has…

    1. He has inherited from his parents hard work.He has real estate.& has invested im sure since he was a young lawyer.Learning from his patents who are wealthy and after hus fathers passing and selling a nursing home and lits of real estate… He works hard and never stops since he was a kid..I know first hand….

    2. Net wortj 17 million is Because he takes money from federal aide that is supposed to be for his majority of illegal aliens drug murdering cartels & his crooked cousin = Sanctuary City!
      Crime rate, dirty streets, and btw Joe, ALL LIVES MATTER, You should be removed from office, it’s mayor’s like YOU that we should and will fight for TERM LIMITS! PRESIDENT TRUMP should stop your federal aide and arrest you for breaking the LAW. OH, wait, I forgot, your above the law.

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