Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Jill KOERBER (ABPO, A&B, Resisting Arrest) (Taunton Warrant)

On Saturday, April 13, 2019 I was assigned to W-6. At approximately 5:40 PM I was dispatched to the area of Statue Park in Davis Square for a past assault. W-5, Officer T. Lambert and W-7, Officer Fusco were sent as backup.

When I arrived on scene I was met by the reporting party, XXXX. XXXX told me that she had been walking on College Avenue by the 7/11 store when she saw a party known to her as Jill Koerber. XXXX told me that she and Koerber had known each other since high school and she has had issues with Koerber regarding some family matters. XXXX said that Koerber initially walked by XXXX but then stopped and began to yell at her. While Koerber was yelling she punched XXXX in the nose and XXXX backed away and told Koerber she was calling the police. Koerber fled the area and XXXX lost sight of her. Responding units performed a search of the area but were not able to locate Koerber.

At approximately 6:20 PM I was traveling eastbound on Elm Street when I saw Koerber standing in front of Sligo’s Pub at 237 Elm Street. I would like to note that Koerber had an active warrant out of Taunton District Court (Docket# 1831CR000570) at the time of this incident. I radioed in to the Officer T. Lambert that I had found Koerber and he began to make his way to her location. Officer T. Lambert made initial contact with Koerber and held her in front of the pub until my arrival.

When I arrived on scene I told Koerber that she had an active warrant and that she was under arrest. I told Koerber to turn around and place her hands behind her back and she ignored me. Koerber began to start yelling at XXXX, who had arrived on scene, and kept telling XXXX she was “all done”. At this point Koerber lunged at XXXX and I was able to prevent Koerber from making contact by grabbing her under the arms. Koerber then began to thrash her arms and struck me multiple times in the chest and shoulder area. It was at this point that I escorted Koerber down to the ground to control her. While on the ground Koerber continued to resist our attempts to place her in handcuffs. Officer T. Lambert was able to spray Koerber in the eyes with his department issued OC spray. After being sprayed Koerber became compliant and we were able to place her in handcuffs.

Koerber was transported to the station by Officer D. Lambert in the prisoner transport wagon and booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant Kennelly.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Keith O’Donnell
Badge# 340
Somerville Police Department

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