Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Rachid BELHADJ (Resisting Arrest, Shoplifting) (Braintree Warrant)at Assembly Row

On April 8, 2019, I, Officer Tim Van Nostrand, was on duty and assigned to uniform patrol at Assembly Row. While on a business contact at Reebok, an employee from Adidas, XXXX, came in to report a male shoplifter who had just fled. XXXX gave me a description of an older male with olive skin wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt carrying a red tote bag, and stated he fled toward the MBTA station. I exited the store and notified dispatch, who dispatched Officer Chris Fusco (East 1) to assist. Officer Fusco alerted me there was a party matching the description on the platform at the MBTA station.

I entered the station from the Foley Street side and observed the male about to board an inbound train. I was able gain control of the male, and identified myself as Somerville Police and prevented him from boarding the train. The suspect, later identified as Rachid Belhadj, began to pull away from me. I ordered him numerous times to place his hands behind his back, but he refused. I guided him into an enclosure to gain control, and the suspect placed his hands behind his back. As I reached for my handcuffs, he pulled away and spun around to face me. After a brief struggle, I was able to bring Belhadj to the ground and place one handcuff on him. Belhadj refused to give his left arm, and Officer Fusco had to pry the arm from under his body. Once handcuffed, I observed numerous items belonging to Banana Republic inside the red tote bag. While performing a search of his person, I located a blue Adidas jacket rolled up and tucked into his right pant leg. I requested the prisoner transport vehicle, and Officer Michael Clearly responded in Unit 200, and transported Belhadj to the station where he was booked by LT. W. Rymill.

I returned to Adidas, where XXXX confirmed the blue Adidas jacket was what she saw him concealing in his clothing. The value of the jacket was $50. I brought the other found items back to Banana Republic who confirmed they were stolen as well. The value of these items were $238.44.

After reviewing Belhadj’s criminal history, he will be charged with Shoplifting by concealing (3rd Offense) (266/30A/F) and Resisting Arrest (268/32B). He was also trespassed from Assembly Row.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Tim Van Nostrand
Somerville Police Dept.

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