Real Life Somerville Police Stories: John BUSHER (Disorderly Conduct)

On Sunday April 14, 2019, I, Officer Hartsgrove, was dispatched to the area of James St and Pearl St for a report a white male with his shirt off yelling in the street. Officer Bork responded as back up.

On arrival, Officer Bork saw a male fitting that description at the intersection of Pearl St and Walnut St. It was clear as we approached the male that he was belligerent and under the influence of alcohol. At this time we had received several 911 calls for this male identified as John Busher. There were also cars in traffic stopping to see what the male was doing. John then came at Officer Bork and me in an aggressive manner. We then used an arm bar take down on John to get him to the ground and handcuff him. While handcuffed, he was yelling profanities and kicking his feet around to try and trip us.

John’s father, XXXX, was on scene and stated that his son is a recovering alcoholic and he was trying to get him to go back home, but would not listen.

Due to John’s tumultuous behavior and the several calls we received, John was arrested for disorderly conduct. He was then transported by unit 200 to the Somerville Police Station to be processed in the usual manner by Lt. Lavey.


Officer Hartsgrove
Badge 333

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