Somerville PD:What Apps are your kids using these days?

Cyber Bullying-What to know:
• Screening for harmful content on websites and apps varies widely.
• Content posted can be incorrect, harmful, or hurtful (e.g., why are you so dumb?).
• Can be used to share harmful or adult content.
• Privacy controls over who can view or access posted material vary across apps, and many users are not aware of how to use them effectively.
• Apps that allow for real-time user videos “live streaming” can be used to show bullying, violence, suicide, and harmful acts as they are happening.
• Some apps that include location information can be used to get personal information, such as someone’s age, current location, or where someone lives.
• Apps that support telephone calls do not show up on a call log, so parents may not know who their children are talking to.

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