Somerville News Weekly’s Special Persons of the Week: SOMERVILLE’S OWN “HELEN TRIO”

Meet this week’s “Special Persons of the Week: HELEN TRIO

HELEN TRIO is a band of brothers in the truest sense; Helen Trio is comprised of three brothers from Somerville. Liam Mccain on the lead guitar and vocals, Joe McCain on drums, and Lucas McCain on the bass.

The brothers raised on Led Zeppelin, Rage Against The Machine, The Meters, Sabbath and old school hip hop. Playing together since middle school, all confident front men in their own right, they are solid song writers, vocalists and instrumentalists. Seasoned through residencies as an acoustic duo, but with their older brother added on drums, a crushing rock trio.

These men are self-made hometown heros of a true Somerville success story.

Our hats are off to their true Somerville spirit!

We here at the Somerville News Weekly salute you for everything that you do to make Somerville a better place.


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