Closed McGrath Highway Offramp “Let There Be Light!”

By William Tauro

Work crews have been noticed repairing the streetlights on the recently closed down McGrath Highway offramp and it looks like a sign of a possibility that it may be ready to be re-opened.

What was the reasoning for it? If you ask the mayors office they tell you that the overpass is coming down. But then again when is the overpass coming down in 10 years, 20 years, 25 years?

So what was the reasoning/motive that the overpass has been closed down now this early in any phase of demolition?

The state and city just recently spent almost over $21 million to refurbish that overpass a couple of years ago and now they close it off, you can’t make this stuff up!

Were the city hall engineers trying to starve Ward 2 businesses by depriving them of motorist the use of that vital offramp to conduct business in that area?

An offramp that is crucial for the survival of many businesses in that area. Could it be part of a bigger plot to prolong another stalled development that was underway in that area as well?

Here we are three years later with hundreds of businesses on that street as well as in Ward 2 who are starving for customers due to lack of parking spaces and now motor vehicle traffic.

In other words was city hall out to cut off their circulation by closing the offramp? Was it intentional? Was city hall setting these businesses up for failure? Was it a plot to get them to leave their property via financial stress and have a developer come in and redevelop the area?

We are hoping that the new Board of Alderman can recognize that there is a serious problem here. We are hoping that they will take the necessary steps to re-open that offramp before more business failure begins to emerge.

We have noticed that in this past year that new lighting on the closed offramp and sealed off tunnel have been installed. Are they planning to re-open it now hopefully please say yes?

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